Resources for Faculty Members

Research Informatics

Research informatics, information tools, technologies, services and supports, enable multi-faceted research activities and facilitate the development of innovative research initiatives. The FoMD offers many research informatics options:

General Support

  • MedIT offers customized services, solutions and supports specially tailored for the FoMD researchers' dynamic needs. From web applications, like FARM, REDCap and the ARO, to custom services, like the trusted network and virtual server hosting, MedIT is here to bring together FoMD researchers, technology and innovation.
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  • Contact: 780-492-9731
 Information Services and Techology (IST)
  • IST provides a wide range of IT services to members of the University of Alberta, including hardware and software related services and support.
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  • Contact: 780-492-9400


Services & Resources

Clinical Inquiry Support Unit (CISU)
  • The CISU is a new endeavour to support research and quality improvement with clinical information systems, such as eCLINICIAN. Specifically, the CISU can help faculty members to develop patient- or research-driven clinical inquiry supports within eCLINICIAN.
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  • Contact: Dr. Jillian Byrne 
  • Cybera provides the University of Alberta with a high-speed cyber infrastructure to distribute information, communication and computing technologies for researchers across Alberta.
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  • Contact: John Shillington 
Data Archiving
  • Studies approved by Health Canada require archiving for 25 years; archiving requirements for other studies are determined by local legislation, with a typical period of 5 years; NACTRC can help to support data archiving. 
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  • Contact: Ron Welch
Electronic Data Capture 
  • REDCap, available through WCHRI, is a secure, web-based application for electronic data capture to support research projects such as surveys, chart reviews, clinical trials and longitudinal cohort studies.
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  • Contact: Rick Watts 
Research Data Management 
  • The University of Alberta Libraries provides research data management services to collect, organize, disseminate and preserve the intellectual output of the University of Alberta.
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