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Education and Research Archive

Service Description:

ERA is an online archive service provided by the University of Alberta Library. It allows users to publish and archive their intellectual property or download work submitted by other users. Projects are defined by community (personal interest) or collection (similar topic) for simple browsing.

Users define all data access permissions—public, private or by CCID authentication—to control their content's exposure. ERA has download statistics available for all deposited data. To help avoid infringement, ERA does an initial copyright investigation on all newly submitted projects.

ERA staff is available to help users convert their projects into a proper digital format, normally PDF, and deposit them. New users do not require a CCID to register for the service. Because of this, ERA monitors all deposit activity for security purposes.

Service Provider:

University of Alberta Library

Service's Client Group:

ERA is open to public use, though nearly all users are affiliated with the University of Alberta. New users can do not require a CCID to register.

Service Cost:

ERA is largely free, though there is a fee for bigger projects.

Contact Person within FoMD:

Eric Zhang
IT Business Solutions Manager, MedIT
Tel: 780-492-2911

Contact person within the service provider:

Leah Vanderjagt
ERA Administrator
Tel: 780-492-3851

Service's Website: