Funding Opportunities

CFI John R. Evans Leaders Fund

What is the Canada Foundation for Innovation John R. Evans Leaders Fund?

CFI JELF Funding Allocation

The CFI JELF is a federally-run program providing funding for research equipment and infrastructure. The projects are intended for single investigators or small groups of not more than three co-principle investigators. Every 3 years the FoMD is provided with an allocation of funds from the central UA pot. The FoMD 2017-2020 allocation is approximately $3.6M.

How much funding can be requested?

CFI JELF funds smaller-scale projects costing less than $2M (total project cost). The maximum funding CFI will provide is $800K per project. However, typical project requests are $150-200K in CFI funding with a total project cost of $300-400K. Due to application pressures for the current allocation, larger requests must have sufficient justification.

CFI JELF Funding Formula

When are the competitions held?

CFI has three annual deadlines for submission (February 15, June 15 and October 15). Applications for provincial match funding are submitted each October. The FoMD Office of Research runs an annual competition beginning in the fall of each year for submission to the June 15 deadline. 

Can I submit to the Emerging Priorities stream?

Applicants requesting to submit to the Emerging Priorities stream should contact Mark Taylor as soon as possible. Applicants require the approval of the Vice-Dean (Research) in order to submit. Competitions are announced periodically. More information on this funding opportunity can be found on the Research Services Office website.


2018/19 Competition

Update January 2019

In December 2018, 15 Request to Apply internal applications were reviewed by a subcommittee of the Faculty Research Committee. Four were approved to proceed to full application in the June 2019 competition. This is the final year of our three-year allocation and we expect to hear about a new funding allocation in the coming months. If you have any questions about the CFI-JELF program and our internal adjudication process, please contact Mark Taylor, (780) 492-9720.

See previous internal competition information below: 

Memo: Information for Applicants

Submission Instructions & Deadlines

Step 1: Registration
This year we have introducted a mandatory application registration in order to prepare for the internal FoMD review process. The deadline to register is Monday, October 1 using the provided Google Form:

You must be logged in with your UAlberta CCID to access the form. If you require special access please contact Colleen Sunderland (

The registration information will be reviewed by the Office of Research and you will be informed by Friday, October 5 if there are any major concerns with your proposed application (e.g. eligibility, major duplication of equipment already in FoMD or requested in an application already under review; amount of funding requested; etc.).

Step 2: Submit a Request-to-Apply
Application Materials
2018 Request-To-Apply form:
Budget template:
Budget Development & Cost Estimating Guide:

Submit your request-to-apply electronically (Word or PDF) to Mark Taylor, Senior Director of Research ( by Friday, October 26.
Please include the following:
1. Completed request-to-apply form;
2. Completed budget and attached quotes;
3. Curriculum vitae of all principal applicants (in Common CV format, if possible).
4. OPTIONAL: Although not required, applicants are strongly encouraged to append letter(s) of support demonstrating the need for the equipment from their department chair and/or director of a FoMD research group, centre, or institute. A letter from the core manager (or equivalent) can be provided if the equipment is to be placed in a core facility.

Review Process:

All JELF applications undergo review at the faculty, university, CFI and provincial level. A sub-committee of
the Faculty Research Committee will assist in the review of these requests at the faculty level.

Timeline of review and submission to CFI:

  • September 20: launch of internal FoMD competition
  • October 1: registration deadline
  • October 5: confirmation of eligibility
  • October 26: Submission of the request-to-apply form to the FoMD Office of Research
  • December 5 (approximate): confirmation of FoMD requests approved to proceed to a full application
  • December 10 (approximate): FoMD to notify RSO of all FoMD applications to be submitted by the following May
  • April 1: Submission of draft application to FoMD
  • May 1: UA RSO deadline (final draft application)
  • June 15: CFI deadline (final application)

Facility Requirements and Core Facilities:

For information on facility requirements for equipment (e.g. renovations, specifications, space, etc.), please contact Brian Reuter.

If your proposal includes equipment for potential placement in core facilities, please contact Wendy Magee.