Funding Opportunities

University Hospital Foundation Medical Research Competition (UHFMRC)


This competition provides one-year research operating grants for up to $35,000 to fund innovative, translational research for clinician scientists in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. Although applications in all areas of biomedical, clinical, health services and outcomes research are acceptable, a clear linkage to clinical problems in adults is required. 

  • The University Hospital Foundation encourages applications from new investigators (those within five years of their first academic appointment). It is expected that project funding will form the basis for subsequent and simultaneous applications for peer-reviewed external funding (e.g. CIHR). Projects currently funded by another source will be given lower priority.
  • Established investigators may apply but are especially encouraged to participate in projects as co-investigator(s)/collaborator(s) with new investigators.
  • The 2016 guidelines can be accessed here. Details regarding the 2017 competition cycle will be announced in August, 2017. For more information, please contact Dr. Jill Byrne.


UHFMRC 2016 Awardees

We would like to congratulate this year's awardees of the 2016 University Hospital Foundation Medical Research Competition. The UHFMRC review committee reviewed a total of 47 applications, of which the following 14 were funded, for an overall success rate of 30%.






Adesida, Adetola


Preclinical evaluation of functionally competent cells in meniscus tissue engineering

Jomha N


Elahi, Shokrollah


Human Galectin-9 as a novel weapon to reactivate latent HIV

Houston S


Fernandez-Patron, Carlos


Towards clarifying the etiology of the MMP-2 deficiency syndrome in mice and patients

Maksymowych W


Goodman, Karen


Comparing the accuracy of staining methods for the detection of Helicobacter pylori in gastric biopsies

Girgis S

Paulden M

Khadaroo, Rachel


Rapid non-invasive assessment of acute mesenteric ischemia using novel point of care device


Chen J

Lam, Ngan


Living kidney donor long-term follow-up and outcomes: caring for those who care for others



Paterson, Ian


Development of a novel magnetic resonance imaging technique for the detection of severe coronary artery disease



Sis, Banu

Lab Med & Pathology

Understanding the aggressive form of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: molecular analysis and biomarker discovery for outcomes


Hsu J, Montano-Loza A

Smith, Maeve


Is inflammation in bronchiectasis related to endothelial dysfunction?


Stickland M, Tyrrell G

Wang, Haili


In individuals with diabetes undergoing elective colorectal surgery, is carbohydrate loading preoperatively safe? A pilot randomized controlled trial

Brisebois R, Senior P

Albalawi A, Laffin M

Webber, Christine


An investigation into the regeneration promoting effects of pre-surgical electrical stimulation

Chan M


Winship, Ian


In vivo cellular imaging of brain dysfunction in models of schizophrenia

Power C


Wuest, Frank


Molecular targeting of PDGFR-alpha in papillary thyroid cancer

McMullen T


Zaugg, Michael

Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine

Postconditioning by intralipid as a novel therapy against ischemia-reperfusion injury: bench-to-bedside investigation of mechanisms and clinical translatability

Freed D

























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