About us


THE HEALTH INNOVATION HUB is the community incubator for innovators and entrepreneurs working towards better human health outcomes.

Health Innovation Hub

What we do

We help health innovators and entrepreneurs achieve commercialization success for their health and life science innovations by providing programming support, access to space and training resources, coaching and consulting support, and connections to peers and advisors.

Our value proposition

For entrepreneurs working towards human health advancement, the Health Innovation Hub addresses their commercialization needs through various programs and coaching services that enable them to bring their technology to the market.

Our differentiators

We provide hands-on support to our community members through a unique suite of programs dedicated to the advancement of health innovation, and our network of expert advisors and partners in the innovation ecosystem carefully curated to ensure that the commercialization needs of our ventures are fulfilled.

Our Values


We value collaboration and working with others to foster a unified human health community.


We believe in a continuous learning mindset. We listen to our members to understand their challenges and work to modify existing processes and create new solutions that address these challenges.


We are committed to supporting our community members in their commercialization journey. We pride ourselves on driving impact as a post-secondary institution-led incubator dedicated to human health outcomes.

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