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Meet the current cohort of health ventures in the UAlberta Health Accelerator.

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A-BaVi Protec Inc.

A-BaVi Protec Inc. has incorporated to commercialize a first-of-its-kind, salt-coated antimicrobial filter technology to prevent transmission of respiratory diseases. Its primary focus is the development of various prototype products such as universal virus/bacteria inactivating respiratory devices (surgical masks, respirators, mask covers) and air filters, as well as new antimicrobial technology and innovative products.

Biomme company logo


Biomme aims to provide a solution for skin conditions resulting from an imbalance in the microbiome. Using their natural predators, the company specifically targets problematic bacteria in order to improve the appearance of the skin.


CARM&A Health

This health-focused venture aims to analyze available multi-platform data for proactive frailty identification, and trigger appropriate interventions and to promote functional ability and healthy ageing. This digital health solution will enhance the efficiency of health-care delivery and make medicine more personalized and precise.

Click&Push Accessibility Inc.

Click&Push Accessibility Inc. is a social enterprise dedicated to increasing the ease of personal mobility for all by providing technology capable of improving accessibility and creation of inclusive communities. Our main project involves launching an accessibility mapping app, called The Atlas, that combines subjective user experience information and objective exertion data.

CliniSonix Inc.

CliniSonix develops novel flat-panel 2D ultrasound arrays for next-generation 3D ultrasound imaging.

Future Fields

The first Canadian biotechnology startup working to expand cellular agriculture beyond the laboratory and into accessible consumer products. Cellular agriculture utilizes cells or microorganisms to create agriculture products, such as milk or meat. It is an interdisciplinary field utilizing breakthroughs in genetics, tissue engineering, synthetic biology, and medicine. Scientists can engineer cells to create new products that are indistinguishable from conventional agriculture products.

Our end goal is to offer an effective growth medium that enables the commercialization of sustainable, ethical, safe, and affordable cultured meat products . In other words, meat produced in laboratory conditions without the use of conventional livestock agriculture. This technology bypasses many of the challenges associated with intensive farming practices and is decoupled from land use, ultimately contributing to improved human health.

Hempact company logo


Hempact is a women-led entrepreneurial venture focused on creating menstrual pads out of hemp.

At our core, Hempact aims to provide chemical and cotton free alternatives to conventional menstrual pads that are completely biodegradable and disposable.

Kheprion company logo

Kheprion Inc.

Kheprion is making next generation anti-inflammatory and anti-infective and nanocrystalline silver products. It enables new products in the treatment of chronic site-specific conditions like acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), chronic urinary tract infections, wound care and other future applications.

Lab Chip Technologies company logo

Lab Chip Technologies Corp.

Lab Chip Technologies Corporation is focused on the design and development of integrated devices used in cellular and molecular analysis, biology, medical diagnostic and environmental testing.

Currently the company is developing simple to use, disposable devices for rapid and sensitive testing of Coronavirus in minute samples of biological fluids.

MEDO company logo

MEDO augments ultrasound with artificial intelligence and cloud computing to bring expert level on-the-spot diagnosis of ultrasound images to any clinician at point-of-care of a patient. This expertise can range from screening abnormalities in newborn babies at remote locations, monitoring older patients at home, aiding trauma patients in emergency rooms, to diagnosing liver and kidney diseases in family doctors' offices.

Naiad Lab company logo

Naiad Lab Inc.

Naiad Lab specializes in virtual clinic development and remote monitoring of patients through video conferencing and advanced data-driven analytics.

Nanostics Inc.

Nanostics is an Alberta-based company focused on the development and commercialization of novel, non-invasive diagnostic tests for cancer and other diseases. The technology at the core of Nanostics is an advanced liquid biopsy platform and state of the art machine learning algorithm for accurate diagnoses from a single drop of blood. The technology is applicable to a wide range of diseases including prostate, ovarian, pancreatic cancers, as well as cardiovascular, degenerative and neurological diseases. Nanostics' lead product, ClarityDX Prostate, is the most accurate diagnostic test to diagnose aggressive prostate cancer, and is positioned to emerge as the world's leading diagnostic tool for prostate cancer.


Outbreaker develops the fastest-acting antimicrobial surface in the world, made out of safe, affordable sodium chloride (table salt).

PanTHERA CryoSolutions Inc.

PanTHERA CryoSolutions is a Canadian corporation located in Edmonton, Alberta and Ottawa, Ontario that designs and manufactures cryopreservation solutions for cells, tissues and organs. Launching out of a scientific collaboration between Dr. Robert Ben and Dr. Jason Acker, we aim to drastically change the cryopreservation process to improve both research tools and clinical therapy products.

PulseMedica company logo

PulseMedica Corp.

PulseMedica has developed a proprietary real-time 3D imaging and laser targeting system used for radically more precise retinal surgery.


RJH Biosciences Inc.

RJH provides transfection reagents and delivery agents to implement the therapeutic benefits of nucleic acids. Focused primarily on cancer therapies, it creates novel biomaterials and nanoparticles that are effective in select cell populations, which ultimately serve as novel therapeutic agents.


The StaffingCall app has been designed to fill vacant shifts and address unforeseen absenteeism of any form in the workplace. This is a critical issue in health-care delivery as well as first-response services. The service has been built to service other industry verticals as well.

Supervisors, may use their mobile device or computer to send out a staffing requests to off-duty employees to fill vacant shifts with any specific skill-set. Deploy rapidly with StaffingCall.

Synapsis Medical

Synapsis develops advanced blood-pressure and heart-health monitoring device and applications.

Tissue Engineering Heart Valves

This company aims to engineer a bioprosthetic heart valve that is personalized to each patient and can address the limitations of current options. With approximately 250,000 heart valve replacements performed worldwide every year, addressing the limitations of current replacement options with personalized medicine can improve the outcomes of hundreds of thousands of patients around the world.

Tricca Technologies Inc.

Tricca Technologies develops affordable, easy-to-use biosensor devices for medical screening and diagnosis applications based on metabolomic detection techniques.

True Angle Medical Technologies Inc.

True Angle Medical Technologies is an Alberta-based company focused on the development of novel technologies within the medical space. True Angle Medical's first product, the Mobili-TTM, is a system targeting those suffering with a condition called dysphagia, or what is more commonly known as swallowing difficulties. The Mobili-T- or mobile therapist -can be used by patients anytime, anywhere. It assists patients with swallowing disorders to retrain throat muscles to swallow.

The Mobili-T is the only mobile home-based swallowing therapy device that pairs real-time visual biofeedback with a "smart" software-based therapy coaching system, all while maintaining a direct connection to a prescribing clinician who can, for the first time ever, reliably track patient progress and adherence.

Geodesic Innovation company logo
Whzzo - Geodesic Innovations Inc.

Whzzo is a platform for users to express their feelings, motivate each other, provide personal and professional mentoring, and improve mental health by self monitoring and resilience-building exercises. Users earn blockchain rewards for motivating and helping themselves and others.

WWiKY company logo

WWiKY Biosciences Inc.

WWiKY promotes the development and marketing of theranostic products for the diagnosis and treatment hypoxic cancers. In the WWiKY method, a single chemical agent is used for diagnostic imaging and for molecular radiotherapy (MRT).

Past participants

INLET Health

Ethical stewardship for artificial intelligence and machine learning(AIML) in health care.

MCG Licenses

Medical Education Software.

RAZN Health

Accelerating the translation and implementation of new health technologies with advanced decision modelling.

RETAIN Medical Labs

Neonatal resuscitation training simulator.