Major Grants Team

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my idea count as a "major grant" that could be supported?
    We focus on multi-partner grants that require greater-than-average efforts to write and coordinate, but we do not have a strict definition of “major”. To be successful with very large projects and networks, research teams need a strong track record of collaborative mid-sized grants, and we can help with these projects as stepping stones to bigger and better things. If in doubt, contact us, and we can provide guidance on the best sources of support.
  • What do you actually do?
    If we get involved at an early stage, we can join the research team to be hands-on, in-the-trenches support. We are chiefly ‘do-ers’ rather than ‘advisors’. For example, this includes creating writing templates based on the grant criteria, drafting non-technical sections, heavy editing and restructuring of technical sections so that they are clear, concise, and logically flow, and working with the whole research team to gather their contributions. We aren’t afraid of heavy lifting, and aim to free up the PI’s time to focus on excellent scientific content, strategy, and building partnerships.

    If we get involved at a later stage, we can offer more limited support, such as proofreading a final version.
  • Are you going to wreck my proposal if I send it to you to edit?
    No. We are PhD and post-doctoral level scientists, so while editing, we can understand enough of the science to not change the meaning of the text. It is important to bear in mind that review panels of large grants often comprise numerous members who are not experts in your research. If we misinterpret your text, it’s likely a reviewer will as well.
  • Are you an expert in my field?
    Probably not. This is an advantage as writers and editors, because we are less engaged by the details of experiments, allowing a greater focus on structure, strategy and clarity. We count on the research team to get the science right, and can also help organize scientific peer review of the proposal.
  • Will the Faculty give me match funding for my major grant proposal?
    Potentially, depending on the proposal. We are developing a structured approach to match funding that is appropriate for different types of proposals and in line with Faculty priorities. PIs are encouraged to contact us as early as possible to discuss available support.