Major Grants Team

How to request help with a major grant proposal

For some funding programs, the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry runs an internal competition (e.g. CFI, Networks of Centres of Excellence). In this case, comprehensive support from the Major Grants Team is linked to the outcome of the internal competition. That is, we focus on the top-ranked proposals that are best positioned for success, where extra support can be decisive.

For funding programs without a formal internal process, we focus on supporting excellent teams whose projects are aligned with Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry priorities, particularly those with support from one or more Institutes.

The right time to contact us is when you have a great idea for a large project and an excellent core team in place.

Where else to go for help

1. For help with Tri-Council grants, the Grant Assist Program offers review and editing support.
2. Some FoMD departments have personnel that can help with tasks like editing and gathering CVs. PIs are advised to check with their department.
3. Some FoMD Institutes offer supports including personnel that can help with team-building and strategic advice. PIs are advised to check with the relevant Institute Directors.
4. For clinical research, the Director of Clinical Research can provide support.