Major Grants Team

What we do

The Major Grants Team focuses on supporting established teams of investigators (with a solid base of operating funding and an excellent track record) who are seeking to lead larger, more complex funding proposals. These typically involve multiple universities, 4-30 partner organizations, working with national and international teams, and with values in the range of millions. Examples of major grants are the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) – Innovation Fund, Terry Fox New Frontiers Program, NSERC CREATE, and Genome Canada Large-Scale Applied Research Projects.

Researchers should enlist our help early for concept development. For these applications we offer grant writing support including writing, editing, figure design, team-building, and strategic content development. Furthermore, we can coordinate support within the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Alberta and other partners.

What support can I expect?

If we are...

  • 2 - 6 Months before the deadline

    And you have:

    1. A good draft

    We can:

    Critically edit your draft proposal text for structure, coherence, clarity and logical flow and polish the final text

    Highlight strategic weaknesses

    Provide draft text for non-technical sections, e.g. economic benefits, sections targeted at policymakers, institutional strengths, metrics

    Produce high quality figures

  • 6 Months - 1 Year before the deadline

    And you have:

    1. Most of the project team in place
    2. A high-level budget
    3. A high-level outline with clearly defined objectives or deliverables

    We can:

    Coordinate or consult on proposal development as appropriate

    Work to bring needed expertise, teams, or partners on board

    Offer Faculty match funding for some projects

    Help map out options for external match funding and make connections

  • Before there is an active call or deadline announced

    And you have:

    1. A great idea
    2. An excellent core team in place

    We can:

    Coordinate team-building work across the Faculty, University, nationally, and internationally

    Coordinate and offer writing support, producing a full proposal ready to tailor when an appropriate call is announced

    Flag up calls that would be a good fit as they're announced