Resources for Clinical Researchers

Funding Opportunities

There are a variety of funding opportunities for clinical health research available at national- (Canadian Institutes of Health Research) and provincial-levels (Alberta Innovates), however, this page is dedicated to highlight new and/or local funding sources that may be less well-known or disseminated. To search a comprehensive database of current funding opportunities, visit the RSO Funding Opportunities Database

Current Opportunities


NACTRC Bridge Funding

  • This is part of the NACTRC Large Grant Development Support Fund and will provide bridge/catalyst funds for top-ranked, but unfunded CIHR Project applications.
  • Full details available here.
  • Details for the Spring 2019 CIHR Project Grant competition coming soon (anticipated for August 2019).

NACTRC Grant Development Support Fund. Financial support is available from the Northern Alberta Clinical Trials and Research Centre (NACTRC), for developing applications to highly competitive grant competitions in pillars 2 to 4. Approval of support is adjudicated by the Office of Research, FoMD. The criteria for eligibility to this fund are:

A.    Funds must be used for preparing a grant application to be submitted to an identified, peer-reviewed grant competition with a value equal to or exceeding $100K;
B.    Applicants must demonstrate a well-developed research plan/project;
C.   The applicant must be eligible for the proposed grant competition;
D.   For CIHR competitions or the New Frontiers in Research Fund – Exploration competition, the applicant must have participated in the Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences) grant review for the application or demonstrate a well-developed research plan/project;
E.   The applicant must hold an academic faculty appointment within FoMD; and  
F.    Investigators are only eligible for financial support for the development of one grant application per competition and per research project.

The amount of the financial support available is dependent on the value of the grant applied for, with the amounts below to serve as a guide:

  • Grants with a value of $100K or more are eligible for up to $800.
  • Grants with a value of $500K or more are eligible for up to $1,600.
  • Major grant applications for $1M or more are eligible for up to $4,000.

Requests for these funds are accepted at any time by emailing the Acting Director of Clinical Research ( with the following details: name of grant competition, investigator eligibility details, proposed title and abstract. The fund will cover cost for services contracted for developing a grant application. The terms of reference, are available upon request.