Resources for Clinical Researchers

Resources & Services

Clinical health research can be challenging in the context of complex privacy law policies, intellectual property concerns, and the inherent risks associated with human research. Resources are available to help researchers navigate the process of conducting clinical research within the province of Alberta.

Research Services

ARCHE: Alberta Research Centre for Health Evidence
  • ARCHE offers knowledge synthesis consultation and implementation services to researchers.
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EPICORE: Epidemiology Coordinating and Research Centre
  • EPICORE offers services related to the conduct of clinical trials, including design of protocols and case report forms, and data management and analysis. 
  • Contact: Dr. Yazid Al Hamarneh
QMCR: The Office of Quality Management in Clinical Research
  • The QMCR offers resources to support the conduct of clinical trials, such as training for research staff and facilitating regulatory approvals with Health Canada.
  • Contact: Scott Jamieson
SPOR: Alberta Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research Support Units
  • SPOR supports researchers conducting patient-oriented research by providing access to experts, knowledge, and research support services across seven platforms, including career development, consultation & research services, data, knowledge translation, methods support & development, patient engagement, and pragmatic clinical trials. The SPOR platforms, which are located at both the Universities of Alberta and Calgary, help researchers to accelerate their research from initial concept through to analysis and knowledge translation.
  • As part of the Data Platform, researchers can access secondary analysis of existing datasets (inventory of available datasets). 
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WCHRI: The Women & Children's Health Research Institute
  • WCHRI offers project consultation and implementation services to it's members and projects that align with their mission.
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Navigation & Operational Support

ACRC: The Alberta Clinical Research Consortium (ACRC) Clinical Research Roadmap
  • Use this newly-developed resource to navigate the steps to setting up and conducting a clinical research study in Alberta. 
  • Contact: Dr. Trina Johnson 
NACTRC: The Northern Alberta Clinical Trials & Research Centre
  • NACTRC offers administrative and operational support to researchers starting up their clinical research studies. 
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HREB: Health Research Ethics Board
  • The University of Alberta has two Health Research Ethics Boards that provide ethical review for non-invasive (health panel) and invasive (biomedical panel) health research. 
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HREBA-CC: Health Research Ethics Board - Cancer Committee
  • HREBA-CC provides scientific and ethical review of all cancer-related protocols involving human participants in the province of Alberta.  
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Grant Support

GAP: Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences)



FARM: Faculty Administration Resource Manager
  • FARM is the FoMD's human resource database. Visit FARM to learn more about your colleagues and their research in the faculty.  
SCNs: Strategic Clinical Networks (Alberta Health Services)
  • SCNs represent integrated teams across sixteen focused areas of health care that focus on leading and supporting evidence-based improvements.
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PLP: Physician Learning Program
  • The PLP under the L3 (Lifelong Learning, FoMD) portfolio assists physicians and clinical researchers to assess practice and performance data for quality improvement initiatives and integrated knowledge translation activities. The Research, Scholarship & Innovation Unit also serves as a primary contact to provide leadership to stakeholders and work closely with staff and physician leads to ensure delivery of efficient project timelines and successful research study management. 
  • Contact: Dianne Johnson