Undergraduate Summer Students' Research Program

Noon Hour Seminars

Please Note:

We are looking at other strategies to deliver the June 2020 Noon Hour Presentations. In the meantime, we have last year's presentations for you to review.

June 2019 Presentations

Your Summer Research at the FoMD: Think Boldly, Dream Big, Be Responsible

Dr. Elene Posse de Chaves, Professor, Department of Pharmacology

Research Ethics and Your Summer Research

Dr. Hanne Ostergaard, Associate Dean Research, Graduate Programs

Core Research Facilities at the University of Alberta 

Dr. Wendy Magee, Director, Core Research Facilities, FoMD

Flow Cytometry: The Power of Single Cell Analysis

Dr. Aja Rieger, Flow Cytometry Core Manager, FoMD

Enhancing Your Medical Education Through Research: An Overview of the MD-STIR Program

Dr. Ing Swie Goping, Chair, MD with STIR Program

Preparing for a career in research with a PhD or MD/PhD

Dr. Alan Underhill, Director, MD/PhD Program

Making the Abstract Concrete

Dr. Troy Baldwin, Associate Professor, Department of Medical Microbiology & Immunology

Effective Poster Presentations

Dr. Hanne Ostergaard, Associate Dean Research, Graduate Programs

Ethics Responsibilities

Whether the summer student is conducting a special project or contributing to ongoing research, it is the responsibility of the faculty supervisor to obtain ethics approval or certification for research involving human participants, animals or biohazards BEFORE starting any such research. For further information, please contact:
Research Ethics Office - 780-492-0459