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IDEAS Office Health Professions Education Scholarship Day
December 5, 2019
Royal Glenora Conference Centre


On December 5, 2019 the IDEAS Office hosted its inaugural Health Professions Education (HPE) Scholarship Day, a full-day conference focused on scholarship in the health professions faculties at University of Alberta. The conference featured plenary speaker Glenn Regehr, PhD, Senior Scientist and Associate Director of Research at CHES and Professor (Department of Surgery) at the University of British Columbia. Multiple concurrent sessions were offered, including: oral presentations (15 presenters); Great IDEAS presentations, featuring newer projects which do not yet have results (10 presenters); facilitated poster sessions (22 presenters), an Educators' Lounge discussion group, as well as a workshop conducted by Dr. Regehr.


We had 75 attendees - including 31 trainees - representing 12 departments and three offices within the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, as well as Education and Rehabilitation Medicine. Presenters included faculty and FSOs, Teaching Scholars Program (TSP) scholars, and students who were involved with the HPE summer studentship grant program. The conference offered an opportunity to present our research projects, learn from (and about) one another, and foster connections within and between our various departments and programs.