Approval of New Education Programs and Changes to Existing Education Programs

Creating new or revising existing education programs in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry is a three step process. Prior to submitting proposals of this nature for university approval, proposals need Faculty approval. All new education programs and changes to existing education programs must use one of the templates provided by Innovation & Advanced Education (IAE). There are several templates available, and the one chosen will depend on what the request is. For advice and access to current available templates contact the office of the Vice-Dean, Education (VDE) in the Faculty. Generally, this process is for education programs at the graduate level. New or substantive changes to existing undergraduate education programs require early consultation with the Office of the Vice-Dean, Education.

Step One: Faculty Approval

  • Home departments and/or divisions need to approve all new education program and changes to existing education programs prior to review by the VDE.
  • VDE will review and submit to Faculty Learning Committee (FLC) for feedback.
  • Faculty Council (FC) shall approve the proposal as a final step in the Faculty process.

Process Map for Faculty Process

Step Two: University Approval

  • Once approved by the faculty, the sponsoring home departments can submit proposals to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research for review.
  • The process from this point on includes review and approval by:
    • GFC Academic Standards Committee (ASC)
    • GFC Academic Planning Committee (APC)
    • Other approvals depending on the Proposal

Process Map for University Process

Step Three: Government Approval

  • The university will forward proposals to the Minister of Innovation & Advanced Education (M IAE) for review.
  • The review process includes:
    • Post-secondary Programs Branch (IAE)
    • Post-secondary Program Branch Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education
    • Campus Alberta Quality Council (CAQC)

Process Map for Government Process

It is recommended that Departments and/or Divisions work well in advance of their intended start date for new education programs and changes to existing programs. University educational processes such as calendar submissions, recruiting activities and timetabling work well in advance of when students apply to the new or revised offerings. In addition, new proposals may require additional revisions at any time in the approval process; adding delays to intended timelines for implementation.

For more information contact:

Dr. Shirley Schipper, Vice-Dean, Education
via Jocelyn Plemel
Executive Administrative Assistant to Vice-Dean, Education
Tel: 780-492-5995
Fax: 780-492-7303