Mentoring and Role-Modeling

The objective of mentorship in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry is to guide junior faculty members in their professional development. Mentorship can help young faculty establish and develop research programs, teaching skills and, if on tenure track, to obtain tenure and first promotion.

Mentors also benefit from providing guidance and support. Although mentorship implies a considerable commitment, mentoring young faculty members through their first five or six years of academic life can be extraordinarily satisfying and stimulating.

To promote these mentorship programs, we offer:


Other Products and Processes

People & Community Contacts

No one mentor can serve all mentoring needs, and mentoring needs may change over time, so that we may need several mentors at a given time. This is sometimes referred to as a "mosaic model" of mentoring.

The following faculty members have undertaken our FoMD mentorship workshop and are willing to act as mentors. For convenience we have listed names under the various domains of activity.