Past Events

> Med Student Paint Nights (November 2017 and March 2018)

> All About the HeART with Michiko Maruyama (Feb. 2018): A talk by third-year cardiac surgery resident and MDes student Michiko Maruyama about her experiences as a toy designer, an artist, and a resident.

> Art Exhibit Night and Exhibit Space in the U of A Hospital in collaboration with the Mental Health Club (March 2018)

> Create, Collaborate, Connect Symposium (April 2018): An interdisciplinary healthcare student-driven initiative aimed to explore the patient experience through art. All healthcare students are invited to attend this annual symposium where local artists utilize various art forms such as spoken word, drama, visual art, and other forms of creative expression to describe ways in which health care providers accommodated their individual priorities and backgrounds or ways in which providers could have improved this. We invite participants to explore these stories and consider the meaning of patient-centered care. In between blocks of performances, interdisciplinary teams of attendees break out into facilitated discussions and activities, aimed to promote reflection, dialogue, and implementable takeaways from the previous performances. These breakout sessions also involve related activities to help facilitate discussions. Ultimately, the goal of our event is to spark honest, unfiltered conversations about tangible ways that patients and health care providers can work together towards accountable patient-centered care.