Arts and Humanities in Health and Medicine (AHHM)


The medical/health humanities is an emerging interdisciplinary field that connects medicine, the arts, humanities and the social sciences. It encompasses art and visual culture, drama, music, literature, narrative medicine, health design and communications, as well as health promotion, the history of medicine, medical anthropology, ethics, environment and health, and much more. It is concerned with the human needs and aspects of medicine and health care.

The Arts and Humanities in Health and Medicine (AHHM) program facilitates and creates curriculum content for the MD program, such as the integrative project in Year 2 and Year 1-4 electives In partnership with the MSA it also hosts the newly-formed AHHM Student Committee, which is a connective and collaborative body between healthcare students and students in various humanities fields at U of A. Lastly, it fosters various student events and initiatives, from individual research projects to symposiums.

Current Opportunities

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