Political Advocacy

The Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee (GAAC) is the branch of the MSA responsible for identifying and researching issues that affect the health care system, allowing medical students to develop informed positions from which to advocate to governments and other organizations. Issues can range from health policy to health education to community planning. Each year, GAAC organizes a Political Action Day (PAD) where students meet with MLAs and other representatives at the Legislative Assembly of Alberta to advocate for a specific position on a health care issue. Previous PAD topics have included increased funding for mental health care at the primary care level, a ban on the use of indoor tanning equipment by minors, and a mandated choice model for vaccinations.

GAAC gives students the opportunity to get involved in advocacy, to learn about health policy, and to understand the impacts of health care at the population level. We encourage all students to join as part of our effort to create a positive future for health care.

- Howie Wu, GAAC Chair (2017-2018)