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Orientation Week
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Orientation Week
Orientation Week
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MSA Events Calendar

This calendar contains listings of all MSA related events. If you are organizing an event or would like to have an event featured on this calendar, please see the guidelines below.

Events Planning Guide

Step 1: Read the Event Checklist to determine if you need to fill out the Event Planning Form. These events include those that are off-campus or include alcohol. Please note that all off-campus and/or events serving alcohol must be organized with a form submitted a minimum of 6 weeks in advance.

Step 2: To ensure there are no conflicts for event planning, you must include your event in the MSA Scheduling Spreadsheet.

Step 3: If you would like to submit an event to the MSA Calendar, please fill out the MSA Calendar Event Submission Form. Events submitted will automatically be added to the MSA Google Calendar and to the Calendar in The Steth.

Note: Events submitted via this form will not have an article on The Steth. Please see Step 5 if you wish to add an article to The Steth.

Step 4: For on-campus events, please complete the appropriate Room Bookings Procedure.

Step 5: If you would like to market your event, you may submit to "The Steth" via The Steth Submission Form. Events submitted to The Steth are automatically included in the MSA Calendar. For other social media inquiries including Facebook, Twitter, SUTV, local media, or related, please e-mail the VP Administration, Click here to find out more about event promotions.

Step 6: Complete the post-event report by filling out the Post Event Report. This step MUST be done for ALL EVENTS within 24 hours of the event occurring.

Step 7: If you require reimbursement for costs incurred, please follow the steps outlined in the reimbursement procedure. You can email the MSA VP Finance ( if you have any questions.

Please note, to access the above links requires you to be signed in with your UAlberta account. If you have any questions about the Event Planning Guide, please e-mail the VP Student Affairs,

Syncing the MSA Calendar

IOS Guide

Step 1: Download the Google Calendar app from the App Store.

Step 2: Sign in with your UAlberta account. Once you sign in, the MSA Calendar will be synced with your IOS device.

If you would like to sync the MSA Calendar to your Apple Calendar app, please follow the following guide:

Android Guide

Step 1: Download the Google Calendar app from the Google Play store.

Step 2: Sign in with your UAlberta account and your MSA Calendar will be synced with your device.

Desktop Guide

Click the "+Google Calendar" button at the bottom of the MSA Calendar.