Meet the Orientation Committee

Welcome 2024s! Meet your friendly neighbourhood Orientation Committee! We'll be reaching out to you throughout the summer to keep you informed on (physically distanced) get-togethers, deadlines, and opportunities over the summer, in addition to facilitating your Orientation Week. We are here as a resource to you, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us in person, or online at

In the meantime - meet your 2020 Orientation Officers!

Justin Lee

Hometown: Parksville, BC
Previous Degree(s): BSc and MSc in Physiology at the University of Alberta
Jersey Name: Country Club
What's your favourite way to destress? Chase a little white ball around a field and occasionally hit it into a hole, but most often end up in the trees.
What do you like most about Edmonton? Coming from a small town, Edmonton was a perfect city to adjust to. Not as dense, lots of outdoor activities (River valley!), and good people.
Any advice for the incoming class? Chill out! You made it! They can't kick you out (...yet). No need to plan another year of applications, contact the verifiers AGAIN for another cycle, REtaking the MCAT (all of which I've done). Relax and enjoy the summer and get excited for what is to come by late August!

Khadija Nasser

Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Previous Degree(s): BSc in Biological Sciences and Sociology and MPH in Health Promotion/Policy at the University of Alberta
Jersey Name: Rose Gold Digger
Favourite pastime/thing to do outside school? Running, boxing, picking things up and putting them down.. basically anything that keeps me active to destress and burn some energy. Also, travelling - near or far, always looking to chase sunshine and adventure!
What is your favourite food? Chicken tendies, nuggets and cookies (ie. a child's palate.. I am not ashamed of who I am).
Any advice for the incoming class? RELAX, have fun, you made it!! Don't take life (and yourself) too seriously. Imposter syndrome is real and medical school can be stressful but it's also 100% what you make of it. The next few years will be filled with opportunity before life really starts to get real so find the things and people that genuinely move you. Enjoy the ride! =)

Rees Kelly

Hometown: Kelowna, BC
Previous Degree(s): BSc in Biochemistry at UBC, MSc in Immunology at the U of A
Jersey Name: Rhabdo
What's your favourite way to destress? Playing sports (hockey/golf/soccer), watching sports, fishing (year-round), gardening, and playing chess (mostly in the back row of Katz lecture theatre)
What do you like most about Edmonton? Eddy has a lot of imperfections, but it grows on you the longer you live here (you'll see). The people are incredibly friendly and there are many hidden amenities for you to discover. Not to mention life is affordable here, so it's a great place to plant your roots.
Any advice for the incoming class? Enjoy the next two years of your life with limited responsibilities and limitless funds. Say yes to all social events and don't take things too seriously. Before you know it you'll have to make life or death decisions, so enjoy the green pastures while you can.

Sabrina Pattar

Hometown: Calgary, AB
Previous Degree(s): BSc in Cellular, Molecular, and Microbial Biology / MSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Calgary
Jersey Name: Wild Child
What's your favourite way to destress? Yoga, running, soccer, and tending to the growing number of plants in my apartment.
Favourite block of med school: Hands down, cardio block has been my favourite so far! It was really cool learning about congenital heart defects, plus learning how to read an ECG is pretty useful :)
Any advice for the incoming class? Med school can definitely get stressful so it's really important to RELAX and make time for FUN. There are so many extracurricular activities to participate in, so get involved in anything that interests you. If you're not from Edmonton, explore the city with your classmates. You're bound to find a new favourite go-to spot!

Dasan Sydora

Hometown: Red Deer, AB
Previous Degree(s): Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of Manitoba
Jersey Name: H2O
Favourite pastime/thing to do outside school? Anything along the lines of hockey, golf, or The Buckingham!
What is your favorite food? Pizza. No questions asked.
Any advice for the incoming class? Don't commit to things you're not passionate about! In med school there are literally hundreds of opportunities to get involved in anything from research to community engagement to international projects. Get settled in, have fun, meet your classmates, and be patient! "It's a marathon, not a sprint" -Dr. Tim Winton -Dasan Sydora