Event Planning and Promotion

MSA Event Planning

Planning an event for the MSA? This page has all of the resources you need to help promote your initiative to medical students, the Faculty and the community.

Please make sure to complete and submit the event planning form to VP Student Affairs at msavpstudentaffairs@ualberta.ca.

MSA Calendar

MSA Calendar Submission - Try to submit your event to the MSA Calendar as soon as you have a date confirmed. This works to prevent double-bookings and to promote your event to students. Students are able to sync this calendar with their personal calendars for easy listing of MSA events. Submission to the calendar also gets your event featured in the Steth and on the side-bar of the MSA Homepage.

The Calendar is moderated by the MSA Communication Reps. If you have any questions or need to make any revisions please contact our Communications Representatives, listed on the MSA Council page.

The Steth eNewsletter

The Steth Submission - The Steth Newsletter is the official online weekly newsletter of the University of Alberta Medical Students' Association. The newsletter covers important information pertinent to all medical students and is sent out to all four years, as well as many Faculty members in the MD program. You can submit updates to The Steth about your events for several weeks leading up to the event.

The Steth is created by the MSA Communication Reps, and items can be submitted via the online form.

MSA Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram Accounts

The MSA Facebook Page, our Twitter account and Instagram account are platforms you can use to promote your event. If you are interested, please submit a blurb to the VP Operations (msavpadm@ualberta.ca).

Hint: Facebook posts that have a photo attached get twice as many views!

MSA Students' Union TV (SUTV)

The MSA has a new SUTV screen outside of the Student Lounge behind Katz 1-080, for which you may place advertisements. Our SUTV screen has two areas where we are permitting student submissions.

The first (and simplest part) is the footer on the bottom of the screen that acts as a "ticker". This bar displays a text message on a rotating basis. We would suggest that there be no more than 100 characters per message.

The second area is the large rectangle on the right of the screen. This is the main ad area, to which we are entitled to 50% of the display time. The remainder is for Students' Union advertisements.

The specifications for this area are as follows:

Format: JPEG

Size: Width 1150 pixels by Height 865 pxiels

File Size: Not to exceed 5 MB

We have attached documentation (here) from the SU that describes best practices in the generation of advertisements for this space. It describes ideal font sizes, colour choices, and so forth. To find out more information, check out the SUTV section of the University of Alberta's Students' Union website.

When you submit content for either of these areas, please ensure that you meet the specifications detailed above, and that you indicate (a) your affiliation with the MSA and (b) the timeframe that you wish your advertisement to be displayed for.

Please make your submissions to msavpadm@ualberta.ca.

Faculty Media Relations

Media Relations - Medical student initiatives are regularly featured in local media. If you feel your event might benefit from media coverage, we encourage you to contact the Faculty's Communications Office. They are a great resource for students and can help promote events through the Faculty of Medicine Social Media platform, sending a fan-out to various media outlets or provide you with media training before an interview. If you have additional questions, please speak to MSA VP External (msavpext@ualberta.ca).