Office of Advocacy & Wellbeing (OAW)

Office of Advocacy & Wellbeing (OAW) Office

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Mental health Services provided for:

  • Undergraduate learners in Medicine (MD), Dentistry (DDS), Dental Hygiene (DH), Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) & Radiation Therapy (RADTH) programs (by referral only)
  • Postgraduate Medical Residents & Fellows

Sophia Parks
Registered Psychologist

Ryan Jacobson
Registered Psychologist

Office of Advocacy & Wellbeing Office
1-134 Katz Group Centre
Phone: 780-492-3092 or 780-492-3150

Services provided by referral:

  • Individual counselling
  • Coordination of treatment
  • Critical incident debriefs
  • Consultation and liaison
  • Presentations and Outreach
  • Support Groups

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