Peer Support Program

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How to Book a Peer Support Appointment:

Students wanting to schedule an appointment will visit the link above, and click on the backpack associated with the class they would like their peer support volunteer to come from. This will then pull up all the meeting times that are available and they will choose one that works for them. An email will be sent to the peer support coordinators (Kendra and Indy) and we will connect the student with their peer support volunteer. They can then communicate and decide on a location to meet during the appointment time. You can also use the peer support email to get in contact with the program.

What does a Peer Support Appointment Look Like:

You will receive an email from your volunteer introducing themselves and asking where you would like to meet. When you get to your meeting you and the volunteer will sit down over coffee to discuss whatever brings you to peer support. It can be big things or small things, we're here to talk about it all. Meetings will be one hour long. Please arrive on time and do not expect your volunteer to extend the meeting. If you need more time, please book another session. If you can't make your meeting time any more it is easy to cancel or reschedule an appointment using the appointlet website. Just make sure to also let your volunteer know once you're put into contact with each other. After you've had your meeting you will receive an email with a feedback survey about the peer support program to fill out if you like.

What kinds of things can I book a Peer Support appointment for?

Anything! We have volunteers from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year as well as a 1st year resident eager to chat and help you work through anything that is bothering you. Some examples include:

  • Career Counselling
  • Relationship Issues
  • Academic Support
  • Mistreatment
  • Family Stressors
  • Loneliness
  • Thoughts of Suicide
  • Things to do in Edmonton
  • And so much more!

Anything and everything is ok to bring to peer support!

What kind of training do the volunteers have?

All of our volunteers are medical students from the University of Alberta who have demonstrated a genuine desire to make med school life more bearable for their peers. They've been interviewed, and trained in supportive listening, community resources, and topics like suicide, interpersonal violence and addictions. They all take confidentiality very seriously. Nothing you share at peer support will be repeated outside of the meeting unless the volunteer is concerned about your safety. Sharing your information is always a last resort. In those cases, the peer volunteer and the peer support coordinators will work collaboratively with you to ensure you get the help you deserve, in the way that you would like to access it.

Quality Improvement

Since Peer Support is brand new we are trying to collect quality improvement data on the program to make sure that we are effectively meeting the needs of medical students. We will be asking if you consent to the Peer Support collecting your year of study and the overarching theme discussed (for example: 2022, finances or 2023 career counselling). No identifying information will be attached to this information. You can always decline! This will not affect the type of support you receive through the peer support program and we will not use your information without permission.

Can I volunteer with Peer Support?

Yes! There will be another intake of volunteers for peer support coming in the new year.

Other questions? Email us!