About Us

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry's MedIT group provides a full range of information technology services. This includes everything from maintaining computer workstations to developing software to keeping faculty members and support staff connected to each other and the Internet.

MedIT provides customized services, solutions and supports tailored to meet your dynamic needs. We help with your day-to-day work with technology while keeping you connected, versatile and up-to-date.

We strive to provide business-technology innovation, meaning we proactively, intuitively and comprehensively work with you, our faculty members and support staff, to develop technologically streamlined solutions.

MedIT runs the faculty's databases and stores all of its information. We look after an extensive network of thousands of faculty computers located in more than twenty buildings across the University of Alberta campus and some Alberta Health Services buildings.

MedIT is divided into five core teams:

  • Service Desk - offering remote and on-site service
  • Infrastructure - manages hosted services, networks, and datacentres
  • Application Development - develops custom applications
  • End User Solutions - explores and deploys new technologies
  • Privacy and Security - provides advice and investigates potential breaches