COVID-19 Cybersecurity Practices

In the midst of this public health emergency, we are all properly prioritizing keeping our community and loved ones safe, including taking measures such as social distancing and working remotely.

Unfortunately, however, cyber-criminals and other bad actors have been leveraging the COVID-19 situation to take advantage of individuals and businesses who have let their guards down. There have been several reports of online phishing and telephone scams using COVID-19 as a false front, and potentially even in-person fraudsters knocking on doors in the community.

Be extra vigilant in this stressful and overwhelming time, and continue being suspicious of any unsolicited communications, unusual email links or anyone asking for your banking information or other personal information, especially related to COVID-19.

If you are ever unsure about the legitimacy of a communication you have received, don't guess - just contact your IT support group, privacy advisor or the University's Chief Information Security Officer (see below for contact info). As we adjust to and accommodate this relatively novel scenario and work to protect ourselves and the public, remember to keep your guard up and practice good cybersecurity hygiene!

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