MyFoMD Release - Jun 18, 2020

New Features


The homepage is replaced with a fully customizable dashboard. Two default dashboards, Home and Annual Report User, are provided. Users can also create new personal dashboards. Available widgets include things like a submission checklist, reported halfdays chart, submission count down and weather. A video tutorial on how to use and manage the dashboard is available on the MedIT Help Portal.

Delegate Management

Users and their department/faculty administrators can manage assignment of annual report delegates. Delegates can also view their assignments.  A video tutorial on how to manage your delegates is available on the MedIT Help Portal.


Improve Parent-Child Tab Usability

Visuals were improved so users don't forget to fill out required data in forms that appear in child tabs: more obvious color for the active tab, updated notification text, updated message near the save button and the Save button is renamed to Save and Continue.

Add Page Controls to Bottom of PDF Viewer

Page navigation controls are now at the top and bottom of the viewer that is used to display reports for Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC)

Update 2-Chair Review Options

Instead of only agree and disagree, you can now choose agree, disagree (too high) or disagree (too low), so as to provide more information.

Improve Flagged Reason Visibility for FEC

Flags and reasons for flags for review at FEC are more clearly indicated visually in the FEC Decisions grid.

Sort 2-Chair Review Assignments by Status

Pending 2-chair reviews are sorted to the top of the list, so the next one to review is easily accessible when returning to the grid.

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and minor improvements.


For help with MyFoMD, please contact or call 780.809.0867.