Data Storage and Backup

Securely storing and backing up critical files is one of the most important aspects of being a responsible computer user. Critical files include documents and clinical or research data. These can represent months or years of work that can be nearly impossible to recreate.

MedIT provides 10 GB of network data storage for all faculty and staff including clinical academic colleagues. Storage is allocated and managed by department or business units.


  • All data is stored centrally in the Faculty's data centre
  • The system provides you reliable access to your data
  • Physical and IT controls secure your data
  • Data is backed up daily and is always recoverable
  • Data can be accessed by personal or Macintosh computer
  • Data can be shared with departmental faculty and staff
  • Permissions allow for flexible and secure data sharing.

How to use

Your data can be easily accessed by a mapped network drive (i.e., Z drive), desktop shortcut, etc. We highly recommend you use your 10GB network data storage to store business critical and sensitive information.

  • If you use a Faculty standard computing device, the MedIT Service Desk can assist you with connecting your device to your network data storage.
  • If you have a personal non standard computing device, MedIT can provide instructions on "how to" connect your device to your network data storage.


MedIT network storage and backup is funded by the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry for 10 GB of data storage. Additional data storage can be purchased.

Getting Started

If you have not been setup for your network data and backup service, please contact the Service Desk for assistance.