Virtual Server Hosting

MedIT offers managed virtual servers as an alternative to managing your own physical servers. This service hosts multiple virtual servers, each of which functions as a complete and independent server, on a single physical server using industry leading technology, such as VMware vSphere, which ensures your unique needs are supported.


Virtual servers:

  • pre-configured by MedIT are much faster than a physical server;
  • can be moved from one physical server to another with no downtime;
  • are less expensive over time than purchasing and managing your own physical server;
  • allow uncomplicated budgeting and start-up through a fee-for-service model;
  • use less power and cooling, enabling better hardware use;
  • support University of Alberta sustainability efforts;
  • are hosted in a secure facility and managed by trained MedIT staff, so overall data security risk is reduced;
  • and have high-reliability and high hardware quality.


Virtual server hosting is a fee-based service available to faculty and staff and is available by yearly subscription. Contact the Service Desk for current prices.

Getting Started

MedIT staff will work collaboratively with you to analyze and understand your specific needs and explain the best technology solution. You can get started by contacting the Service Desk.