MedId Accounts

The MedIT Service Desk provides support for user accounts known as MedId for faculty, staff and students. This service is supported by Microsoft Active Directory technology. The Active Directory allows MedIT to efficiently manage users, computers, groups, printers, applications, and other directory-enabled objects from one secure, central location.


The Service Desk provides assistance for the following MedId functions:

  • Create MedId
  • Disable/delete MedId
  • Change password
  • Reset password
  • Rename MedId
  • Modify MedId access permissions

How to Use

To use your MedId account, simply log in to any of the following MedId services with your username and password:

  • MedIT managed desktops and laptops
  • Network data storage

Getting Started

To request a new MedId account, please contact the Service Desk.