Strategic Areas of Focus


Innovation strategic planning area of focus progress bar. 

Our Innovation Vision

Our vision is to establish three health and wellness consumer partnerships with international and global frontier research institutions and a key Alberta-based energy company; to establish research and product implementation partnerships that focus on preventative, personalized and precision medicine; to establish a faculty-wide product incubator with appropriate market and opportunity evaluation capabilities; and to establish a partnership with "deep pocket" disruptor

5-Year Vision

  ☐  Three health & wellness consumer-oriented partnerships with international frontier research institutions, key corporate partners.

  ☐  Work with health delivery partners to establish research & services in preventative and precision medicine.

  ☐  Product incubator to develop market-oriented products and services.

  ☐  Partnership with prominent disruptor in the health and wellness market.

  ☐  Operationalize JLABS Pod at the U of A.

  ☐  Big data innovation in integration: Inventory/Work with AHS/Analytics & data partners.

  ☐  Create FoMD Innovation website & Innovation roadmaps for investigators.

Goals to deliver in 2019

  ☐  Develop FoMD PH themes and teams -> Strike small group to lead & launch.

  ☐  CFI application for Translational Research Lab.

  ☐  Develop NERC–CREATE grant Letter of Intent: Artificial Intelligence & Precision Health.