Van Deusen's book feature in the Translation of the Month on the Feminae

19 July 2021

Congratulations to Natalie Van Deusen, whose text  Mǫrtu saga ok Maríu Magðalenu / The Saga of Martha and Mary Magdalen, in The Saga of the Sister Saints: The Legend of Martha and Mary Magdalen in Old Norse-Icelandic Translation  is currently featured as the Translation of the Month on the Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index website:  
This book is being described as an important resource for students learning about women's roles in the late Middle Ages as well as for those interested in religion and in Scandinavian literature.  The book-length study provides a rich introduction to the literary, historical and religious issues involved.  The translation engages readers in a consideration of women's active lives as household managers and devout missionaries.  The emphasis on Martha's qualities and actions is noted as remarkable and of interest to a broad group of readers. 
Natalie is being congratulated on the valuable work she has done in making this fascinating text available to a new audience of students and scholars.