Meet the new ASL student group

Meet the NEW ASL student group! They have weekly ASL meetings! Join now and start chatting and practicing in ASL

29 June 2021

"Hello, My name is Rouzbeh. My name sign is “moving letter H on my lip from left to right”. I teach at University of Alberta in Edmonton. We are excited that we have the weekly ASL club meeting. ASL students come on Saturdays for social interaction and chat and doing ASL games and activities for fun plus practice too. Our ASL club representative name is Nathaniel Leis. This is his email address:
Nathaniel Leis
To more info, contact Nathan.
See you there. Bye 👋"
ASL student group 2021
ASL Student group
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ASL: ASL Club, contact Nathaniel Leis (
Italian: ITALUA, organizer Johann Pitter (
Ukrainian:, president Natalie Hanas (
Scandinavian:, president Bart Romanek (