Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Course Outlines

MLCS 375  folklore and the internet 640x360
germ 340 winter 2019 630x360
ITAL 205 633x357 xx
mlcs 399 ARAB 399 Winter 2019
SPAN 499 Winter 2019 630 x 360
CLIT 425 639x360

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Winter 2019

American Sign Language (ASL)
ASL 111 B1 - Beginners' American Sign Language I
ASL 112 B1- Beginners' American Sign Language II
ASL 112 B2,B3- Beginners' American Sign Language II 

Arabic (ARAB)
ARAB 112 X50- Beginners' Arabic II
ARAB 114 X50 - Beginners' Arabic II for Heritage Learners
ARAB 212 B2 - Intermediate Arabic II

Comparative Literature (C LIT)
C LIT 102 B1- World Literature II
C LIT 102 B2- World Literature II
C LIT 207 B1 - History of Literary Theory II
C LIT 220 B1 - Mythology and Literature
C LIT 243 B1 - Fairy Tales and Folk Tales
C LIT 352 B1- Literature and the Other Arts
C LIT 425 B1 - East/West Critical Theory 
C LIT 502 B1 - Studies in World Literature II 

French (FREN)
FREN 111 B1- Beginners' French I
FREN 111 X50- Beginners' French I
FREN 111 X51- Beginners' French I
FREN 112 B1- B3 - Beginners' French II 
FREN 112 X50- Beginners' French II 
FREN 112 X51- Beginners' French II 
FREN 211 B1 - Intermediate French I 
FREN 212 B1-B4 - Intermediate French II
FREN 212 X50 - Intermediate French II
FREN 254 B1 - Introduction to Translation Theory and Practice: French-English-French
FREN 297 B3- Advanced French I
FREN 298 B1- Advanced French II
FREN 298 B2 - Advanced French II
FREN 301 B1 - Introduction to French Literary Studies
FREN 310 B1 - Composition, Style and Expression
FREN 313 B1 - Passions/Obsessions
FREN 314 B1 - Beauty/Aesthetics
FREN 372 B1 - French Phonetics
FREN 454 B1 - Translation: English into French 
FREN 467 B1- Women Writing in French 
FREN 567 B1 - Women Writing in French 

German (GERM)
GERM 112 B1 - B5- Beginners' German II
GERM 212 B2,B3 - Intermediate German II  
GERM 304 B1 - Advanced German II
GERM 316 B1 - Introduction to German Applied Linguistics
GERM 340 B1 - Introduction to the Study of Modern German Literature
GERM 342 B1 - Introduction to Translation: German and English
GERM 409 B1 - German Dialects 

Italian (ITAL)
ITAL 112 B1,B2, X50 - Beginners' Italian II
ITAL 205 B1 - Topics in Italian Studies
ITAL 212 B2 - Second-Year Italian II 

Latin American Studies (LA ST)
LA ST 210 B2 - South America

Modern Languages ad Cultural Studies (MLCS)
MLCS 199 B1- Irish Language II
MLCS 199 B2- Irish Culture
MLCS 205 B1- History of Folklore Studies 
MLCS 210 B1- Language(s) of Culture
MLCS 399 B1- Medicine, Health &Storytelling
MLCS 399 B2- Introduction to Arab Culture
MLCS 400 B1- The History of Translation
MLCS 602 B1- History of Translation
MLCS 620 B1- Applied Linguistics: Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism
MLCS 621 B2- Applied Linguistics: Language and Society 
MLCS 652 B1- Critical Theory II
MLCS 799 B1- Candidacy Colloquium 

Norwegian (NORW)
NORW 112 B1- Beginners' Norwegian II
NORW 212 B1- Second-Year Norwegian II 

Polish (POLSH)
POLSH 112 B1- Beginners' Polish II
POLSH 499 B1- Contemporary Polish Literature

Russian (RUSS)
RUSS 112 B1 - Beginners' Russian II
RUSS 212 B1 - Second-Year Russian II 
RUSS 304 B1 - Russian in Context II
Scandinavian (SCAND)
SCAND 399 B1- Madness, Myth and Modernity

Slavics and East European Studies (SLAV)
SLAV 204 B1 - Slavic Folklore and Mythology

Spanish (SPAN)
SPAN 111 X50 - Beginners' Spanish I
SPAN 112 B02,B03,B04,B06,B07,B08- Beginners' Spanish II
SPAN 112 X50- Beginners' Spanish II
SPAN 212 B1,B2- Intermediate Spanish II 
SPAN 212 X50- Intermediate Spanish II 
SPAN 300 B1 - Advanced Spanish
SPAN 314 B1 - Civilization and Culture of Spain 
SPAN 321 B1 - Foundational Fictions of Spanish America
SPAN 378 B1 - Teaching Spanish as a Second Language 
SPAN 406 B1- Exercises in Translation: English into Spanish
SPAN 407 B1- Advanced Grammar and Composition
SPAN 499 B1- Latin America: Sex & Stigmas
SPAN 506 B1- Exercises in Translation: English to Spanish        

Swedish (SWED)
SWED 112 B1- Beginners' Swedish II
SWED 212 B1- Second-Year Swedish II

Ukrainian (UKR)
UKR 112 B1- Beginners' Ukrainian II 
UKR 212 B1- The Ukrainian-speaking World II
UKR 308 B1- Advanced Ukrainian Writing Strategies