Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Blended Learning courses

FREN 111 A2 in the 2019 Fall semester will be taught in a Blended Learning format (trials), a teaching approach where both traditional face-to-face instructional time and online […] activities are integrated. Within a course, the online content and classroom activities are meant to complement one another, working to engage students and achieve course objectives.

FREN 111 A2 has the same objectives and program as other sections of FREN 111, and like them, it is scheduled as a 5-hour course. However, students in A2 will have some of their classes, most likely those of Mondays and Fridays, shifted online for self-study. The Blended Learning format gives students more flexibility as they will spend less time in class and have more opportunities to work at their own pace

FREN 111 B1 & FREN 112 B3 available in a Blended Learning format (trials) starting Winter 2020.

All language courses in the department of Modern Languages & Cultural Studies are planned to adopt the Blended Learning format in the near future.

For more information on Blended Learning (i.e. what it is; how to be successful), see the following video