Fall 2015

American Sign Language (ASL)
ASL 111 Beginners' American Sign Language I
ASL 211 Intermediate American Sign Language I
Arab (ARAB)
ARAB 111 X01: Beginners' Arabic I
ARAB 111 X02: Beginners' Arabic I
ARAB 211 A1: Intermediate Arabic I

Comparative Literature (C LIT)
C LIT 101 A2: World Literature I
C LIT 228 A1: Literature, Popular Culture, and the Visual Arts
C LIT 230 A1: Scandalous Fiction
C LIT 242 X02: Science Fiction
C LIT 243 A1: Introduction to Fairy Tales and Folk Tales
C LIT 266 A1: Women and World Literature
C LIT 352 A1: Literature and the Other Arts
C LIT 460 A1: Fundamentals of Comparative Literature
C LIT 512 Currents in Literary & Cultural Theory
C LIT 560 A1: Fundamentals of Comparative Literature

French (FREN)
FREN 111 A1-3: Beginners' French I
FREN 111 X01: Beginners' French I
FREN 111 X02: Beginners' French I
FREN 112 A1: Beginners' French II
FREN 112 X01: Beginners' French II
FREN 211 A1-5: Intermediate French I
FREN 211 X01: Intermediate French I
FREN 212 A2: Intermediate French II
FREN 254 A1: Introduction to Translation Theory and Practice: French-English-French
FREN 297 A1: Advanced French I
FREN 297 A2: Advanced French I
FREN 297 A3: Advanced French I
FREN 298 A1: Advanced French II
FREN 301 A1: Introduction to French Literary Studies
FREN 310 A2: Composition, Style and Expression
FREN 311 A1: Mystery, Myth, and the Supernatural
FREN 316 A1: Belonging (Migration and Identity)
FREN 354 A1: Translation French into English
FREN 371 Language and Francophone Societies
FREN 481 A1: Topics in Folklore and Popular Culture
FREN 699 A1: Topics in French Literature and Culture

German (GERM)
GERM 111 A1-7; X01: Beginners' German I
GERM 211 A1-3: Intermediate German I
GERM 303 A1 & A2: Advanced German I
GERM 306 A1: Intro to German Linguistics: Phonetics and Phonology
GERM 317 A1: Teaching German as a Foreign Language: Individual Study/Directed Reading Course
GERM 343 A2: Postwar Cultures
GERM 353 A1: Myths, Tales, and Legends
GERM 409 A1: German Dialects
GERM 451 A1: Genre, Text, Technique
GERM 651 Genre, Text, Technique

Italian (ITAL)
ITAL 111 A1: Beginner's Italian I
ITAL 111 A2: Beginner's Italian I
ITAL 111 A3: Beginner's Italian I
ITAL 211 A1: Second year Italian I
ITAL 300 Advanced Italian
ITAL 499 A1: Migration studies: Italian Canadian Writers

Latin American Studies (LA ST)
LA ST 205 A1: Intro to LA ST - Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
LA ST 311: Latin American Popular Music
LA ST 414 Travel Writing

Modern Languages ad Cultural Studies (MLCS)
MLCS 199 A1: Superheroes in Comics & Beyond
MLCS 204 Forms of Folklore
MLCS 210 A1: Introduction to Cultural Studies - Language(s) of Culture
MLCS 299 A1: Folklore and Film
MLCS 299 A2: Graffiti
MLCS 300 A1: Introduction to Translation
MLCS 475 A1: X-Rated: Sex on Screen
MLCS 499 A1: Folklore and Film
MLCS 499 A2: Documenting Communities
MLCS 507 Topics in Major Contemporary Currents in Literary and Cultural Theory
MLCS 555 Teaching Strategies for Post-secondary Language Instructors
MLCS 570 A1: Applied Linguistics
MLCS 575 X-Rated: Sex on Screen
MLCS 582 A1: Sociolinguistics
MLCS 599: Documenting Communities
MLCS 699 A World of Comics

Norwegian (NORW)
NORW 111 A1: Beginners' Norwegian I
NORW 211 A2: Second-Year Norwegian I

Polish (POLSH)
POLSH 111 A1: Beginners' Polish I
POLSH 304 A1: Advanced Polish II

Portuguese (PORT)
PORT 111 A1: Beginners' Portuguese I
PORT 211 Intermediate Portuguese I

Punjabi (PUNJ)
PUNJ 111 X01: Beginners' Punjabi I

Russian (RUSS)
RUSS 111 A1: Beginner's Russian I
RUSS 211 A1:Second-Year Russian I
RUSS 303 A1: Russian in Context I
RUSS 404 Russian Language and Film
RUSS 499 Space in Russian Culture

Scandinavian (SCAND)
SCAND 399 A2: Scandinavia through Folklore
SCAND 551 A1: Old Norse Grammar

Slavic and East European St (SLAV)
SLAV 299 A2: Euromaidan: The Ukranian Revolution between Europe & Russia
SLAV 499 A1: Medieval Cities Slavic Europe

Spanish (SPAN)
SPAN 111 A1-10;X01: Beginners' Spanish I
SPAN 111 X02: Beginners' Spanish I
SPAN 112 X01: Beginners' Spanish II
SPAN 211 A1-3: Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 211 X01: Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 212 A1: Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 300 A1: Advanced Spanish
SPAN 306 A1: Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPAN 320 A1: Introduction to Literary Analysis
SPAN 326 Hispanic Children's Literature
SPAN 332: The Culture of Food
SPAN 370 A1: The Sounds of Spanish
SPAN 405 A2: Exercises in Translation: English into Spanish
SPAN 407 A1: Advanced Grammar and Composition
SPAN 428 A1: Spanish Literary Masterpieces
SPAN 495 Honors Thesis
SPAN 505 A2: Exercises in Translation: English into Spanish
SPAN 528 Spanish Literary Masterpieces

Swedish (SWED)
SWED 111 A1: Beginners' Swedish I
SWED 211 Second-Year Swedish I

Ukranian (UKR)
UKR 111 A1: Beginners' Ukrainian I
UKR 211 A1: The Ukrainian-speaking World I