Winter 2019

American Sign Language (ASL)

ASL 111 B1 - Beginners' American Sign Language I
ASL 112 B1- Beginners' American Sign Language II
ASL 112 B2,B3- Beginners' American Sign Language II

Arabic (ARAB)
ARAB 112 X50- Beginners' Arabic II
ARAB 114 X50 - Beginners' Arabic II for Heritage Learners
ARAB 212 B2 - Intermediate Arabic II

Comparative Literature (C LIT)
C LIT 102 B1- World Literature II
C LIT 102 B2- World Literature II
C LIT 207 B1 - History of Literary Theory II
C LIT 220 B1 - Mythology and Literature
C LIT 243 B1 - Fairy Tales and Folk Tales
C LIT 352 B1- Literature and the Other Arts
C LIT 425 B1 - East/West Critical Theory
C LIT 502 B1 - Studies in World Literature II

French (FREN)
FREN 111 B1- Beginners' French I
FREN 111 X50- Beginners' French I
FREN 111 X51- Beginners' French I
FREN 112 B1- B3 - Beginners' French II
FREN 112 X50- Beginners' French II
FREN 112 X51- Beginners' French II
FREN 211 B1 - Intermediate French I
FREN 212 B1-B4 - Intermediate French II
FREN 212 X50 - Intermediate French II
FREN 254 B1 - Introduction to Translation Theory and Practice: French-English-French
FREN 297 B3- Advanced French I
FREN 298 B1- Advanced French II
FREN 298 B2 - Advanced French II
FREN 301 B1 - Introduction to French Literary Studies
FREN 310 B1 - Composition, Style and Expression
FREN 313 B1 - Passions/Obsessions
FREN 314 B1 - Beauty/Aesthetics
FREN 372 B1 - French Phonetics
FREN 454 B1 - Translation: English into French
FREN 467 B1- Women Writing in French
FREN 567 B1 - Women Writing in French

German (GERM)
GERM 112 B1 - B5- Beginners' German II
GERM 212 B2,B3 - Intermediate German II
GERM 304 B1 - Advanced German II
GERM 316 B1 - Introduction to German Applied Linguistics
GERM 340 B1 - Introduction to the Study of Modern German Literature
GERM 342 B1 - Introduction to Translation: German and English
GERM 409 B1 - German Dialects

Italian (ITAL)
ITAL 112 B1,B2, X50 - Beginners' Italian II
ITAL 205 B1 - Topics in Italian Studies
ITAL 212 B2 - Second-Year Italian II

Latin American Studies (LA ST)
LA ST 210 B2 - South America
Modern Languages ad Cultural Studies (MLCS)
MLCS 199 B1- Irish Language II
MLCS 199 B2- Irish Culture
MLCS 205 B1- History of Folklore Studies
MLCS 210 B1- Language(s) of Culture
MLCS 399 B1- Medicine, Health &Storytelling
MLCS 399 B2- Introduction to Arab Culture
MLCS 400 B1- The History of Translation
MLCS 602 B1- History of Translation
MLCS 620 B1- Applied Linguistics: Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism
MLCS 621 B2- Applied Linguistics: Language and Society
MLCS 652 B1- Critical Theory II
MLCS 799 B1- Candidacy Colloquium

Norwegian (NORW)
NORW 112 B1- Beginners' Norwegian II
NORW 212 B1- Second-Year Norwegian II

Polish (POLSH)
POLSH 112 B1- Beginners' Polish II
POLSH 499 B1- Contemporary Polish Literature

Russian (RUSS)
RUSS 112 B1 - Beginners' Russian II
RUSS 212 B1 - Second-Year Russian II
RUSS 304 B1 - Russian in Context II

Scandinavian (SCAND)
SCAND 399 B1- Madness, Myth and Modernity

Slavics and East European Studies (SLAV)
SLAV 204 B1 - Slavic Folklore and Mythology

Spanish (SPAN)
SPAN 111 X50 - Beginners' Spanish I
SPAN 112 B02,B03,B04,B06,B07,B08- Beginners' Spanish II
SPAN 112 X50- Beginners' Spanish II
SPAN 212 B1,B2- Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 212 X50- Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 300 B1 - Advanced Spanish
SPAN 314 B1 - Civilization and Culture of Spain
SPAN 321 B1 - Foundational Fictions of Spanish America
SPAN 378 B1 - Teaching Spanish as a Second Language
SPAN 406 B1- Exercises in Translation: English into Spanish
SPAN 407 B1- Advanced Grammar and Composition
SPAN 499 B1- Latin America: Sex & Stigmas
SPAN 506 B1- Exercises in Translation: English to Spanish

Swedish (SWED)
SWED 112 B1- Beginners' Swedish II
SWED 212 B1- Second-Year Swedish II

Ukrainian (UKR)
UKR 112 B1- Beginners' Ukrainian II
UKR 212 B1- The Ukrainian-speaking World II
UKR 308 B1- Advanced Ukrainian Writing Strategies