Course Outlines

Fall 2023 Course Offerings

Fall syllabi will be available mid August. Please check back soon! 

Arabic (ARAB)
ARAB 111 A1 Beginners' Arabic I
ARAB 113 A1 Arabic I for Heritage Learner
ARAB 211 A1 Intermediate Arabic I

American Sign Language (ASL)
ASL 111 A1-A4 Beginners' American Sign Language I

Comparative Literature (C LIT)
C LIT 101 A1 World Literature I
C LIT 210 A1 Literature in the Digital Age
C LIT 242 A1 Science Fiction
C LIT 243 A1 Fairy Tales and Folk Tales
C LIT 350 A1 Literary Movements & Periods: World Gothic
C LIT 352 A1 Literature and the Other Arts

Folklore (FOLK)
FOLK 204 A1 Forms of Folklore 

French Language and Literature (FREN)
FREN 111 A01- A06 , X01 Beginners' French I
FREN 112 A1, X01 Beginners' French II
FREN 211 A1- A3, X01 Intermediate French I
FREN 212 A1 Intermediate French II
FREN 254 A1 Translation Theory & Practice: Fren-Engl-Fren
FREN 297 A1, A2 Advanced French I
FREN 301 A1 Introduction to French Literary Studies
FREN 318 A1 Socio-Cultural Aspects of Contemporary Francophone Societies
FREN 345 A1 Translation: French into English
FREN 478 A1 Topics in French Literature and Culture: Medieval Times through the 19th & 20th Century 

German (GERM)
GERM 111 A01- A05 Beginners' German I
GERM 211 A1, A2  Intermediate German I
GERM 343 A1 Postwar Cultures
GERM 399/499 A1 German Streaming TV Series

Irish (IRISH)
IRISH 111 A1 Irish language I

Italian (ITAL)
ITAL 111 A1-A3 Beginners' Italian I
ITAL 211 A1 Intermediate Italian I
ITAL 340 A1 North and South, Italian Culture and its regions

Latin American Studies (LA ST)
LA ST 205 A1 Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

Modern Languages and Cultural Studies (MLCS)
MLCS 210 A1 Approaches to Cultural Studies
MLCS 299 A1
MLCS 300 A1 Introduction to Translation 

Norwegian (NORW)
NORW 111 A1 Beginners' Norwegian I
NORW 211 A1 Intermediate Norwegian I

Polish (POLSH)
POLSH 111 A1 Beginners' Polish I
POLSH 211 A1 Second-Year Polish I

Russian (RUSS)
RUSS 111 A1 Beginners' Russian I
RUSS 211 A1 Intermediate Russian I

Scandinavian (SCAND)
SCAND 341 A1 Old Norse Mythology & Legends
SCAND 399 A1 Mamma Mia Queer I Go Again

Slavics and East European Studies (SLAV)
SLAV 204 A1 Slavic Folklore and Mythology
SLAV 320 A1 Ukrainian Canadian Culture

Spanish (SPAN)
SPAN 111 X A01- A08, X01 Beginners' Spanish I
SPAN 211 A1, A2, X01 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 300 A1 Advanced Spanish
SPAN 306 A1 Spanish For Heritage Speakers
SPAN 325 A1 Introduction to Cinema
SPAN 378 A1 Teaching Spanish as a Second Language
SPAN 405 A1 Exercises in Translation: Spanish into English
SPAN 441 A1 Reading Colonial Culture

Swedish (SWED)
SWED 111 A1 Beginners' Swedish I
SWED 211 A1 Intermediate Swedish I

Ukrainian (UKR)
UKR 111 A1 Beginners' Ukrainian I
UKR 211 A1 Intermediate Ukrainian I