The Scandinavian Studies program in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies provides students with a thorough knowledge of the languages, cultures and literature of the Scandinavian countries in the context of liberal arts education. It offers courses covering the various levels of language instruction in Norwegian and Swedish. There are also courses in the literature and cultures of these countries, including Denmark, Iceland and Finland.

The University of Alberta is the only university in Canada that offers a Bachelor of Arts in Scandinavian, a Bachelor of Arts Combined Honours in Scandinavian and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree/Major in European Studies-Scandinavian. For more information, contact Dr. Natalie Van Deusen or Dr. John Eason


Course Offerings

NORW 111 Beginner's Norwegian and SWED 111 Beginner's Swedish

Instructor: Dr. John Eason
These courses are designed to give students basic practical skill in everyday spoken and written language. After successful completion of the course, students should be able to converse on everyday topics with relative ease. Also, various aspects of the culture of modern Norway and Sweden are discussed with the aid of films and recordings.
No prerequisite.

NORW 211 Norwegian and SWED 211 Swedish

Instructor: Dr. John Eason
Taught as a combo course, second year Norwegian and Swedish is designed to help students improve their reading, writing and speaking skills in their target language. As in Beginner's Norwegian and Swedish the course is built on a foundation of interaction, communications and culture.
A fourth hour will be decided during first week of class.
Prerequisite: NORW or SWED 111 & 112 or permission of instructor.

SCAND 328 Scandinavian Crime Fiction

Instructor: Dr. John Eason
Contemporary Scandinavian crime fiction has garnered considerable critical and popular attention. In this course students will read and analyze recent crime novels from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. These works will be framed in a literary historical context, and major trends and authors in the field of Scandinavian crime fiction.
No prerequisite. Taught in English.