Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Spanish Courses 2019-2020

SPAN 300 Advanced Spanish (FALL & WINTER)
Instructor: Yvonne Lam

This course is a high-intermediate to advanced-level course designed for students who already have a good working knowledge of Spanish. It is intended to improve overall proficiency in Spanish, with a particular emphasis on grammar, reading, and writing, in order to prepare students for participation in higher-level academic courses in Spanish.

SPAN 373 Spanish as a World Language (WINTER 2020)
Instructor: Yvonne Lam

Spanish speakers can be found on all continents (except maybe Antarctica). But what is "Spanish"? And how did it become one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world? We will examine the sociolinguistic history of the Spanish language, starting from its roots as a dialect of Latin, to its spread across the globe. We will look at attitudes towards Spanish in various parts of the world and its influence on other languages, such as English in the U.S. and Canada, and indigenous languages in the Americas.

SPAN 476 The Acquisition of Spanish (FALL 2019)
Instructor: Yvonne Lam

This course looks at how second and foreign languages are learned, with a particular focus on Spanish. We will look at both cognitive and social factors that influence its acquisition and examine research on how particular structures are learned (including the dreaded subjuntivo!). Using this knowledge, we will discuss ways to improve how Spanish is taught as a second language.