Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Current Students

Join us in welcoming the incoming class of 2018!

Applied Linguistics

Kerry Sluchinski, PhD
Xiaoyun Wang, PhD

Media and Cultural Studies

Lenny Cauich Maldonado, PhD
Jonathan Garfinkel, PhD
Kenzie Gordon, PhD
Peter Morley, PhD
Megan Perram, PhD
Amber Peters, MA (thesis)
Glenna Schowalter, MA (thesis)
Lindsay Sorell, MA (thesis) 

Transnational and Comparative Literatures

Sofia Monzon Rodriguez, PhD
Valentina Benvenuti, MA (thesis)
Heather McCallum, MA (thesis)
Bruno Soares dos Santos, MA (thesis)
Jobey Wills, MA (course)

French Killam 

Charlotte Delouche
Emma Pasquini

German Killam

Charlotte Weiss