Workshops and Events

To be updated for 2021-2022

Portfolio Modules

Grant Writing Module (mandatory for all first-year students; open to all current students)

Run by Dr. Astrid Ensslin, this module provides students with practical knowledge about grant writing (including research, nonprofit, and project management). Students will be trained in identifying funding sources, developing grant-writing skills, addressing the appropriate audience, preparing a CV or resume, and drafting a proposal. Through individual and collaborative work, students will learn how to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, provide and integrate constructive feedback, and confidently advocate for themselves and their projects.

  • Fridays from September 4 - October 2, 2020

Information Literacy & Scholarly Communication Module (mandatory for all first year students; open to all current students)

Run by Denis Lacroix, Peggy Sue Ewanyshyn and Doris Wagner from the Humanities & Social Sciences Library Unit, this module provides students with a practical understanding of the nature of professional conversations in their field and how to participate. Students will learn to identify and use a variety of information discovery tools and techniques as they explore the most relevant and appropriate sources of information. Students will complete a variety of tasks tailored to help develop a research inquiry (questions) and acquire strategies that address a broader worldview and recognize information gaps and new investigative methods. Questions might address copyright, open access, public domain, and the economics of information; proper attribution and citation; ethical management, dissemination, and preservation of information.

  • Fridays from October 13 - November 16, 2020 (except November 13th, which falls during the Fall Term Reading Week)


General Workshops and Events


MLCS Graduate Student Orientation Workshop

Join us for a special departmental orientation concerning various aspects of our graduate program.

  • Monday, August 31st, 9 a.m. via Zoom. (If you want to attend, please email our Graduate Advisor, Andrea Hayes,, for the link.)
  • Mandatory for all first year students; open to all interested current students


Ethics Training: Student-Supervisor Relationship

This session is part one of three for your FGSR Ethics Training Requirement and will be led by Brent Epperson from the OmbudService. He will give a short presentation on this vital relationship, and open the floor to your questions and concerns.

  • Monday, September 28, 9-10 a.m. via Zoom
  • Mandatory for all first year students or anyone who has not completed this requirement in previous years

Town Hall

Join Dr. Micah True, our Associate Chair, and Andrea Hayes, Graduate Advisor for this open format town hall. Please bring your questions!

  • Monday, September 23, 3-4PM, Senate Chamber (Arts 326)
  • All students are welcome


Workshop: MLCS 299 Competition

MLCS is proud to host a graduate level course design competition. The competition is open to students in the PhD program who have completed candidacy. This informational session, hosted by Dr. Yvonne Lam, will provide you with tools to assist you in course design and build a competitive course offering. We will also have tips from past winners.

  • Friday, November 22, 1-2PM, Arts 436
  • The workshop is open to all students, but the competition is open to post-candidacy PhD students


Workshop: Conference Presentation

Planning to participate in our graduate student conference? Hoping to have a paper accepted elsewhere? This session will be led by Dr. Natalie Van Deusen and will speak to two key elements: preparation of an abstract and successful delivery of a conference paper. Participation at conferences is important for CV-building, and this workshop will give you the tools to approach these events with confidence.

  • Monday, January 20, 3PM, Room TBA
  • Open to all students


Research Ethics Workshop presentation

This session is part two of three for your FGSR Ethics Training Requirement courses and will be hosted by Dr. Lynn Penrod. (Part 1 was the Student-Supervisor workshop held in the Fall term, and Part 3 is the FGSR online GET course; you can submit the GET completion certificate to the Graduate Advisor at any time.)

  • Monday, March 2, 2-3:30PM, Humanities 2-30
  • Mandatory for all first year students or anyone who has not completed this requirement in previous years

MLCS Workshops and Events