Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are regulated through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, and the Department does not have influence on these requirements. Please review carefully the information on FGSR's website to avoid surprises. Different rules apply to students depending if their admission is pre- or post-2011, so please ensue you are reading the correct rules for your program.

The website also contains information pertaining to spring and summer enrolment, which is mandatory for most thesis-based students. Taking courses in addition to this thesis requirement can be costly, so please review your options carefully.

If you are provided with a research or teaching assistantship during the Fall or Winter terms, your tuition and fees will be automatically deducted from your payroll, as described below:

The University's payroll system automatically deducts outstanding tuition and fees from the pay cheques of graduate teaching and research assistants a month after the start of Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer terms.

That is, any Fall tuition owing as of October 1st will be deducted from the student's October, November, and December pay cheques in six installments. As the first cheque in October reflects earnings from September 15 through 30, the first deductions for fall term will be from pay that is earned in the last 15 days of September.

Similarly, the first deduction for Winter term will be on the first February pay cheque. This pay cheque will reflect pay from work earned from January 15 through 30.

Winter tuition owing as of February 1 will be automatically deducted from the student's February, March, and April pay cheques in six installments.

Please note: Students cannot exempt themselves from payroll deduction. If you wish to have no fees deducted from your pay cheque, you must pay your tuition and fees in full prior to the tuition deadlines.