The Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies is committed to providing robust guidance to its graduate students at all stages of graduate study, both through formal relationships with supervisors and by providing informal guidance as needed. The various mechanisms through which the Department supervises and advises its graduate students are described below.

The Graduate Advisor

The Graduate Advisor, Andrea Hayes ( serves as a first point of contact for all graduate student inquiries. She can provide general guidance on the graduate programs in MLCS and resources available to students.

The Stream Advisors

In the first year, or at any time when a supervisor is not in place, students are encouraged to consult the designated faculty advisor for their stream as needed for advice and supervision on academic matters. This includes but is not limited to help making connections with experts within and outside of the department and advising on course selection and supervisory committee composition as needed. The stream advisors can also supervise the completion of elective portfolio modules, providing guidance in the planning stage and signing forms on completion before they are submitted to the Graduate Advisor. In thesis-based programs, these roles will pass to the supervisor once one is selected at the end of the first academic year. In the course-based MA program, the stream advisors will continue to provide supervision to students in collaboration with the Graduate Advisor.

The Supervisor

The supervisor is directly responsible for the supervision of the student's program. In this capacity, the supervisor assists the student in planning a program, ensures that the student is aware of all program requirements, degree regulations, and general regulations of the department and the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR), provides counsel on all aspects of the program, and stays informed about the student's research activities and progress.

For more on the role of the Supervisor in MLCS graduate programs, see the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research's Graduate Program Manual and the MLCS Student-Supervisor Checklist.

The Graduate Associate Chair

The department's Graduate Associate Chair is the official representative of the department to its graduate students.

The department oversees the supervision of all graduate students enrolled in its programs and serves as the chief liaison with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR). It is responsible for ensuring that the student receives proper supervision and that the regulations and requirements of the FGSR are met.

The department is responsible for keeping the FGSR informed of any development in or changes relating to the student's program, including the appointment of the supervisor and supervisory committee members (where applicable) and changes to that membership, course and program changes, scheduling of examination dates, and so on.

The department maintains open communication with its students concerning any problem; and in the event of a conflict in the supervisor-student or advisor-student relationship, the Graduate Associate Chair discusses the issues with the student and supervisor or advisor in a timely fashion (see Section 9 of the Graduate Program Manual for further information).