Program Overview

  MA course-based MA thesis-based PhD
Program Length 1.5 years 2 years 5-6 years
Core Courses 4 4 4
Elective Courses 2 2 2
Portfolio Units  6 3 3
Colloquia  0 1 3
Capstone   Portfolio 50-70 page thesis  Dissertation

 At the time of application, you must identify a degree stream (specialization):

Applied Linguistics

Media and Cultural Studies

Translation Studies

Transnational and Comparative Literatures


Applied Ling

Applied Linguistics involves research in one of the following areas: second language acquisition and pedagogy, discourse studies, sociolinguistics, and multilingualism. Students will engage in research in a language other than English chosen from any of the languages in which the Department has sufficient current expertise.

Media and Culture

Media and Cultural Studies involves the analysis of different media using theories of cultural studies. Areas of emphasis include: folklore studies, gender and sexuality studies, native studies, popular culture, game and design studies, and urban studies.


Translation Studies involves research in one or more of the following: cultural translation, history of translation, literary translation, multilingual translation, translation theory and criticism.

Comp Lit

Transnational and Comparative Literatures involves the study of global literature, criticism, theory, and their intersections with language, art, and culture, either within a single language or across languages.

Combined Program in MLCS and Humanities Computing

The Office of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Faculty of Arts offers a two-year MA program in conjunction with existing graduate programs in the Faculty of Arts and the School of Library and Information Studies. It integrates computing and its underlying technologies with disciplines such as literature, language, and cultural studies.