Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Recent Grads

Svitlana Panenko
PhD Slavic Languages, Literatures & Linguistics

Svitlana Panenko

Towards Critical Realism: Marginality in Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian Photography


Svitlana's research focuses on independent photographic practices during the 1980s and 1990s in three Eastern European countries: Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. She studies photography using the notions of critical realism, margin, and everyday life. Taken together, these three themes form the context that both accurately describes the studied photography and offers a new perspective of research within Eastern European art. Keywords: photography, film, nonconformism, contemporary art, photographic truth, critical realism, margin and center, everyday life.

Nadya Foty-Oneschuk
PhD Ukrainian Folklore

"Saving Heritage": Stakeholders, Successes, and Project SUCH  
Alexandra Guyot
MA Translation Studies

Translating Mircea Eliade's "Ivan" from Romanian to English: A Triangular Approach Using The French Translation


Guangfeng Chen
PhD French Language, Literature & Linguistics

Guangfeng Chen

China’s National Image Puzzle: The Construction of China’s Environmental Image in Le Monde

This thesis conducts a CDA study of French news on environmental issues related to China to reflect a "western" view of China, and explores the ideological workings and issues of power behind this media representation. Guangfeng’s research interests include critical discourse analysis, environmental discourses (French, English and Chinese), media studies and intercultural communication.

Olha Ivanova
MA (course) Media & Cultural Studies 



Sarah Brandvold
MA Comparative Literature 

Uinigumasuittuq: The Pan-Arctic Sea Woman Tradition as a Source of Law and Literary Theory



Elahe Dehnavi
PhD Comparative Literature

Elli Dehnavi


Veiled Voices: Female Subjectivity and Gender Relations in Afghan and Iranian Cinemas


Leanne Rempel
MA Spanish and Latin American Studies
The Blurred Line: Narrative and Truth in Three Colombian Crónicas


Milane Pridmore-Franz
MA Translation Studies

Milane Pridmore-Franz

A Study on the Audience Reception of Theatre Surtitles: Surtitling in a Francophone Minority Context in Canada and the Language Learning Potentials of Theatre Surtitles

The main objectives of this multifaceted research was to 1.) measure the perceptions of and reactions to English surtitles in a Francophone minority theatre context according to the participants’ first language (French L1, French and English L1, English L1, Other L1) in order to gain an understanding of how mono- and bilingual audiences make use of theatre surtitles, and how surtitles affect their reception of a theatre production; 2.) to assess the language-learning potentials of surtitles and; 3.) to measure the effect of the technical aspects of surtitles on the reception process. Keywords: theatre surtitles; audience reception; technical aspects; second-language acquisition; audiovisual translation; translation studies; francophone minority theatre contexts in Canada

Jessica Holtby
MA Translation Studies 

Self-Translation Songs: How à l'aise are you?  
Jennifer Boivin
Animation and the National Ethos: the American Dream, Socialist Realism and Russian émigrés in France

Loriann Lockhart
MA German Language, Literature & Linguistics

Beyond the Book on the Shelf: The Value of Translation Theory  
Maja Staka
MA French Language, Literature & Linguistics
Uncovering the Links Between News Media Portrayals of Syrian Refugees in Canada and Their Integration into Canadian Society


Amir Khadem
PhD Comparative Literature

Amir Khadem

Endemic Pains and Pandemic Traumas: The Narrative Construction of Public Memory in Iran, Palestine, and the United States

Jeffrey Longard
PhD Translation Studies

A Troubled Translation: Reading the Lais of Marie de France  

Rasoul Aliakbari
PhD Comparative Literature


Bibliographies of A Thousand and One Nights and the Formation of Modern Nationhood: A Study in Comparative Print Culture

Rasoul's research areas include print culture, book history, world literature, writing studies, digital humanities, literary modernity, nationalism, and Middle Eastern studies.

Ana Magalhaes
MA Comparative Literature
Olhar-se e Tocar-se, Olhar e Tocar, Ser Olhado e Ser Tocado: Subversão das Categorias Binárias em A Mulher no Espelho, de Helena Parente Cunha e Las Ninfas a Veces Sonríen, de Ana Clavel

Sumaya Al Jamily
MA Comparative Literature 

Practical Criticism: The Intertextuality between Ahmad Shawqi and Alphonse de Lamartine


Danielle Lamb
PhD Comparative Literature

Danielle Lamb

A Critical Bond: Cultural Transmission and Nation-Building in Métis and Chicana/o Picture Books  Research:
Picture books, Children's Literature, Grand(parenting), Transculturation, Chicana/o Literature, Métis Literature

Regan Treewater
PhD Comparative Literature

Regan Treewater

Cultural Identity Construction in Russian-Jewish Post-Immigration Literature Regan's scholarly research interests are rooted in Eastern European Jewish literary and cultural studies beginning with early Yiddishkeit in the Pale of Settlement through contemporary post-Communist diasporas.  Her doctoral dissertation bridges East and West with an examination of complex identity construction in the literature of the Russian-Jewish post-1970s emigration waves.  The analysis includes the works of Dina Rubina, Liudmila Ulitskaia, Wladimir Kaminer, Gary Shteyngart, Irina Reyn, Lara Vapnyar and David Bezmozgis.  Regan plans to adapt her dissertation for publication as a monograph.

Jiaying You
PhD Interdisciplinary-MLCS & Anthropology


Creative Factors and Ethnic-folk Dance: A Case Study of the Peacock Dance in China (1949-2013)   

Angela Sacher
PhD Translation Studies


Translating Johanna Kinkel's "Hans Ibeles in London"   

Sergiy Yakovenko
PhD Comparative Literature

Ecological Ideologies of Modernity and Their Temporal-Spatial Representations in Canadian, Russian, and Polish Literatures of the Twentieth Century

The dissertation focuses on the temporal-spatial representations of the ecological ideologies of modernity in the writings of Canadian authors Georges Bugnet, Sheila Watson, and Howard O’Hagan, Russian authors Andrei Bitov and Tatiana Tolstaia, and Polish author Czesław Miłosz.


Adrien Guyot
PhD French Language, Literature, and Linguistics 


 L'Amérique, un ailleurs partagé



Nataliya Bezborodova
MA Ukrainian Folklore


Maidan on Facebook: Sensitive, Expressive and Interpretative Protest Lore

The thesis traces Internet textual representations of the Maidan, a wide-scale protest movement that took place in 2013-2014 in Ukraine, and their function in identifying the opposing sides during the protests. These texts helped to formulate new narratives, articulate attitudes, and build relationships, create a sense of community within the protestors’ side, which had its impact on institutional changes of commemorative practices.


Lars Richter
PhD Germanic Languages and Literatures


Echoes and Oscillations: Poetics, Public Intellectualism, and Contemporary Literature in the Work of Juli Zeh

The dissertation Echoes and Oscillations: Poetics, Public Intellectualism, and Contemporary Literature in the Work of Juli Zeh examines the work of German author Juli Zeh. The dissertation is an exploration of how Zeh’s poetological positions, her work as a public intellectual and the incorporation of modes of realistic writing in her narratives result in an interplay between diegetic and non-diegetic realities that, in turn, have an impact on the question of what role literature can play in the present cultural landscape of Germany and beyond.


Marine Gheno
PhD French Languages, Literature and Linguistics



Femmes scandaleuses: le pouvoir transformatif de la transgression chez Virginie Despents, Nelly Arcan et aurélia aurita



Reem Alzaid
MA Comparative Literature



A Comparative Study of Thomas More’s Utopia and Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet



Jenny Osorio
MA Applied Linguistics


Literature in the Language Classroom: Developing Reading Strategies in Beginner Spanish Students

Why is it difficult to include literature content in a language class? Reading in a second language may be stressful to certain students, caused by their limited linguistic skills and vocabulary, or lack of the cultural context assumed in literary texts (Grabe and Stoller, 2001, p. 189). The main goal of introductory language courses is the linguistic development of students; academic literacy is usually neglected at this level. More attention tolinguisticsis typically paid in upper-level courses (Allen and Paesani, 2010, p. 120). As students do not get enough exposure to literary and cultural material at the introductory levels, they are more likely to struggle when asked to do textual analysis. Bearing this divide in mind, My project discusses the progress made in the use of literary texts in foreign language classes by teaching reading strategies to beginner students of Spanish, facilitating the understanding of authentic literary material and decreasing their level of anxiety when facing the text.


Sabujkoli Bandopadhyay
PhD Comparative Literature


Dominant, Dormant and Emergent Tendencies in the Twentieth Century Working-Class Novel









My project engages in a historicist reading of the genre of the working-class novel and presents a comparative study of literary texts from the UK, the USA, Canada, India, Kenya and Morocco.

Viktoriya Yakovlevya
PhD Social Theory and Cultural Studies


Childhood after Chornobyl: A Social History of Childhood in Ukraine 1986-1996  

Katherine Alexander
MA Translation Studies


Examining Themes of Gender in the Short Fiction of Carme Riera through Translation



Kateryna Kod
MA Ukrainian Folklore


Ethnocultural Identity and Edmonton Painters Recently from Ukraine



Dianna Brittian
MA Spanish and Latin American Studies

El nuevo cine argentino y la pobreza: ¿Cómo se retrata la pobreza causada por la política neoliberal menemista en las películas pertinentes al nuevo cine argentino?


Wenjuan Xie
PhD Comparative Literature


(Trans)Culturally Transgendered: Reading Transgender Narratives in (Late) Imperial China


Larisa Cheladyn
MA Ukrainian Folklore
Stitched Narratives: The Ukrainian Canadian Embroidered Pillow