Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Community Service Learning


With the help of the CSL team and the stream advisor the student will identify and be paired with a local community group and help this group fulfill a need. The project would bring together the student's research interests and the community partner’s goals. What is CSL?


Learn through hands-on experience in the nonprofit sector; make a difference in the lives of people; connect with local communities; apply theoretical concepts and understand them differently in new contexts; learn more about social issues and their root causes; recognize that community based organizations generate their own knowledge and practices in addressing social questions and issues; learn to listen to, understand, and collaborate with community-based actors in the construction of research questions and actions aimed at achieving mutual benefit.


In dialogue with a community partner, construct a project proposal and terms of agreement before the work begins (possibly including a risk assessment and planning for activities); complete 20 hours of work on project or activity; critically reflect on the work and experiences, paying particular attention to the relations between the graduate student and the community, the integration into the community, and how knowledge was exchanged in the experience with the community (challenges and successes) in the form of a journal.



Community Service Learning: website