Digital Creation


Use of digital tools to create, manage, or maintain a web- or app-based space related to the field of study that adheres to open access, such as one of the following: conceptualization of a dynamic website with research-related content; creation and/or maintenance of a digital research archive (in collaboration with the library); significant work on (ie editorial role) an online journal; development and implementation of plans for dissemination of research content via social networking platforms, using Storify or other tool; significant collaborative participation in a wiki, Wikipedia-edit-a-thon or Wikipedia-content creation; other work with open access.


To develop or hone skills in creating digital content; to become familiar with open access policies central to SSHRC research dissemination; to gain understanding of how web-based and digital tools bring research to a broader audience and facilitate other research connections.


The production of a site (website, archive, journal, Storify, etc.) to produce research plans and results or for the better culling and organizing of materials and data in a manner accessible to a web-based audience.