Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Public Scholarship, Literary Journalism, Creative Nonfiction


The composition of an article of at least 2000–2500 words on a topic related to the field of study intended for a broader audience (general public, researchers outside the field, etc.); the article should facilitate better connections or lines of communication between fields in the academy and communities.


Dissemination of information about or related to the field to a broad audience; gain journalistic/narrative writing skills that are clear and without jargon; achieve familiarity of the audience of the potential publication and learn how to tell a story for that space; create connections among communities.


An article meant for a broad audience beyond the immediate field that shows command of the subject; development of a unique voice that takes up an authoritative scholarly position but which nevertheless tells a story accessible to a diverse set of readers; identification of and familiarity with potential publication venues.


Dr. Russell Cobb, “Why Do So Many People Pretend to Be Native American?” This Land Press, August 2014
Lynn Coady, “The Twilight of the Patriarchs” Eighteen Bridges, March 2013