Teaching Workshops


Participate in teaching workshops and write reflections on what you have learned. Fulfills requirement for the Pedagogy component of FGSR's Graduate Teaching and Learning Program.


Learn ways to improve the way you teach, both in the discipline and in general; reflect critically on how you teach and what you can do to improve your teaching.


Complete 15 hours of FGSR Graduate Teaching Development sessions, plus an additional 10 hours of your choice (must be pre-approved by advisor); write 5 short reflections (250-750 words each) about what you learned throughout the different sessions and how this learning has or can be applied to your teaching.


Magna Commons: a series of videos on a wide variety of teaching and learning topics (free access code available from Centre for Teaching and Learning

Academic Impressions Webcasts: a series of webcasts on a variety of topics, including teaching and learning issues (free access code available from Centre for Teaching and Learning)

FGSR Teaching Resources: a collection of tip sheets, booklets, and presentations