Teaching Workshops

In this module, students attend teaching workshops to receive pedagogical training in order to put theoretical knowledge into practice, gain confidence, become better listeners, learn to provide constructive feedback, meaningfully employ multimedia tools, or deal with specific situations in their classroom. Workshops are also an opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas. Students will complete 15 hours of FGSR Graduate Teaching Development sessions, plus an additional 10 hours of teaching workshops of their choice (pre-approved by the advisor). They will then write 5 short reflections of 250-750 words each. Completion of this module also fulfills Level 1 of FGSR's Graduate Teaching and Learning Program.


Magna Commons: a series of videos on a wide variety of teaching and learning topics (free access code available from Centre for Teaching and Learning

Academic Impressions Webcasts: a series of webcasts on a variety of topics, including teaching and learning issues (free access code available from Centre for Teaching and Learning)

FGSR Teaching Resources: a collection of tip sheets, booklets, and presentations